20 July 2009

I Should Have Entered The Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest

As the big letters spelling PIE passed in front of her, filling her tri-toned windshield right before impact, her eyes couldn't help but catch a glimpse in the rear view mirror of how lovely she looked, face gently framed by her new No-Fade, No-Drip Revlon #184 hair color she had done herself thanks to Hair Hut Beauty Supply, only to be jerked back into a fearful reality by the inevitable prophetic absoluteness of her mother's voice that stuck in her head, "You better have on clean underwear if you ever get into an accident with Bradley Pie Truck".
~Jenn of Bee Repartee, safe driving, clean laundry wearing blogger.

For the 2009 Bulwer Lytton Fiction Contest winners click here.


The Superfluous Blogger said...

i've READ that book.

no i haven't.

i ATE that book.

no i haven't.

Dapoppins said...

Yeah. When are you going to enter that contest, anyway.

... Paige said...

Yes, by the looks of it you should have. There is always next time...so I must say that I dare you submit next time.

JLR said...

Oh, MAN. I CANNOT believe I missed the winner's announcement. Thank goodness you are on top of things!

JLR said...

P.S. When do your classes start back up? Or more importantly, when is the next round of finals? I have been meaning to send you pep-talk emails at finals time, but somehow I keep missing it. So now I'm planning ahead.

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