11 June 2007

Bow Case and Head Case

I've been in a very foul mood yesterday and today. I don't know why. I got a lot done today and even had some coffee with a friend. I have found the best time to clean is when I'm uptight or mad for no reason. You can get the house done in less than an hour. Full-contact grocery shopping is also in order.

In other news, Mr. Coffee was given a bow case by my father in law. It was very sweet. Mr Coffee loved it, but I noticed the paper that went with the case. It's perfect because Mr. Coffee doesn't go hunting but likes to camp, hike and shoot with his dad and wanted to keep the dust and dirt out of his bow when storing it.

Click picture to enlarge.

When I regularly leave the bow case lying in the driveway, I always run it over and wonder if I'm doing it right. Front tire? Retreads? Full stop?

Now I know, thanks to this handy diagram. Thank you Bowmax!

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