25 June 2007

Movie Review

I went to the movies with my friend Dapoppins on Friday night. Waitress was a great movie. It was funnier than expected, with great direction and filming. I think I will buy it. I haven't laughed at a movie like that in a long while.

My friend also enjoyed it, laughing so loud I thought we'd get kicked out by fellow movie patrons.

I should have known better. She's done this since we were teenagers, when we would eat each others smuggled-in candy and gush over a young Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands or watch another Back to The Future sequel. She is also a talker. I admittedly talk too, but in a whisper...sticking to wise cracks and telling her the actors full biographies. I've been told this is annoying, but can't help it.

Enter Keira Knightley, as a twiglike semblance of an Elizabeth Bennett. She looks coyly across the ballroom at Mr. Darcy, played by Matthew MacFadyen.

I whisper snarkily to Dapoppins sitting next to me while I stuff my face with butter-soaked popcorn, "...oh, geez, Keira Knightley is totally anorexic! You hold her down, I'll get the cheeseburgers..."

Dapoppins, "I gotta go pee."

Yeah, we are two classy broads.

~Bee likes Milk Duds

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe