17 December 2007

Week In Review

This week was so entirely random. I am thankful for this weekend, a welcome change for a homebody like me.

  • Work on template and end all endeavors by wailing head on keyboard in frustration.
  • Publicize my other blog revealing to myself how anal retentive I really am.

  • Grocery shop with four year old daughter to prepare for impending Bakeapalooza at LoveyH's house. Decide that a baby goat would do less damage and not eat as much as the girl.
  • Folded laundry, laughed at news, and watched Grey's Anatomy. Nothing like a productive stint in front of the b00b tube.

  • Grocery shop again for things forgotten like toilet paper and milk. Become informed by four year old that "John Desh" says on the radio that baby bottoms go in the top of the cart and yucky germs are there, so all food must go into the big part of the cart. Practical advice and I will never again place produce in the top of the basket. ewwwww.
  • Nearly donate my front fender to minivan that cuts me off in traffic. I swear to you I am an idiot driver magnet. I couldn't help but shake my head and laugh reading her personalized license plate, "Keep Our Children Safe". Just say no to child abuse but kill them dead in a fit of road rage, lady.
  • Try finishing template. Repeat head banging on keyboard, permanently wedging the "B" key in my forehead. B stands for Brain Dead, Bollocks, Blowup, Brow Beat, Bruise, Black and Blue....

  • Watch Bourne Ultimatum. Better than the second and great show....left it open for #4.
  • Threaten computer to scrapyard over lost graphic files. Wonder if I will get this Christmas template done before Christmas.
  • Laugh that my blog ads advertising The G0lden C0mpass, my favorite movie EVER!!! NOT. At least it was better than the time I mentioned a Subaru Impreza and the ads asked, "Is Your Auto Gay Friendly?" I did not know my vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, was prone to a specific gender. Is there a market for straight cars now? This sounds like auto discrimination to me.

  • Brain needing roto rooter but manage to finish template to requested specs. It's bright, happy, festive, outgoing, and it's just like Flip Flop Momma's personality. She loves it. WOOHOO. Still attempting to dislodge my "B" key from my forehead.
  • Read for a whole hour.
  • Mr Coffee manages to break a 1940s era piece of English Johnson Brothers Chippendale green and white transferware. I turn the corner, see him looking pasty white while staring at shards on the floor. I immediately felt sick to my stomach. Translation: He feels like crap and I end up nearly crying over a $60 antique piece of china.

  • Sleep in. Be useless all morning while drinking coffee and playing with kids in sweats.
  • Blog and answer mail.
  • Make more Muddy Buddies (from back of Chex cereal box)
  • Watch another episode of Jeeves and Wooster.
  • Get to bed early after 10 chapters of reading.
These are just highlights, with the best parts left out, like the 30 miles of carpooling I do every day and getting a book I ordered from inter library loan sent to me. I hope to do some genealogy work while the kids are home next week.

Last, Mr Coffee has an job opportunity that is a change and a bit scary to step out in. I hope it goes well, but more on that after the New Year.


Anonymous said...

Quite a busy week you had! Hope you save some time for li'l ol' me. We gots to get together with Dapo and make Kimberly jealous some more. ;o)

Okay, maybe Lovey, too, if she's good. And Foof if we didn't traumatize her too much.

Anonymous said...

what is that, is that a letter s embedded in your cheek?

the letter s stands for

seafoam green
styrofoam ornaments
subtle farts
stomach gas
serial killers
thirsty two's

Anonymous said...

Wow I don't know if I could remember what I did all week! I am impressed!

Hope you "B" happy now.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Flip Flop's template ROCKS! You're so good!

Anonymous said...

And eewwww, now I'll never be able to put my purse in the top part of the grocery basket again. Great.

Anonymous said...

Jeez-o Bee! What a busy woman you are!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Bee (and Beatrice!)

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