11 April 2006

peep talk

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The Just Born Factory breeds the most disturbing candy to date. I'm finally talking Peeps.

It's the time for bunnies, chicks, eggs and rabbits. It's the time where everything Easter (**see note) is somehow to be related to my belief of Jesus rising from the grave after being crucified on the cross for our sins 2000 years ago. I speak only for my family and without judgement toward others, even those who share my same faith. It just that our family celebrates solely His death and resurrection and simply do without the commercialism involved. Not everyone shares my faith but most everyone I know of could do without the big push in commerce for every single holiday. I even think even our neighborhood craft store is putting up Christmas decor this weekend. Early bird special, I guess. We all know the early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Speaking of commerce, I was curious about how many of these fluorescent-colored, sugar-filled, coma-inducing marshmallow chicks were produced every year. Like WHO eats these things anyway? I scanned the internet and ran across their website.

The Just Born Factory proudly boast " Due to demand, Just Born now produces over 1.2 billion Marshmallow Peeps a year for all the holiday seasons". That's more than 4 million Peeps a day. The NPR even suggests ways to consume them: Fried, microwaved, frozen, microwaved then frozen and even as a pizza topping. The thought of Peep Pizza makes me ill.

I joke about them frequently as the Peepophobe I am and decided to dig around and get the dish on the Peep phenomenon craze. In fact, Peeps have a cult following all on of their own.

  • There are Biker Peeps teaching us about motorcycle safety.

These must be CSI Peeps.

That's all you ever wanted to know about peeps. Aside from the fact that is what my kids call going to the bathroom. "I GOTTA GO PEEPS!!"

**If you would like to know more of what the Bible says on this it is outlined here. I do not necessarily agree with all the views on the link, it does give some interesting points to ponder. Easter being a word derivitive of "Ashtaroth" or "Ashtoreth" the mythical goddess of fertility. I have also heard other variations but hope to the reason behind the holiday back into mainstream light.

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