21 November 2007

Thankful For Turkey

I'm thankful for so much but I think the best story of thankfulness is through my daughter. She was asked what she was thankful for and her grin widened and her eyebrows raised while belting out, "I THANK GOD FOR TURKEY!"

Turkey is a great thing to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving all!


Anonymous said...

That music thing is bunk. It said I should play the guitar because I am "independent". But EVERYONE plays the guitar. So it seems to me that I should be playing the accordion or the diggery-doo or something more "independent"??

Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for Charlie Mops, the man who invented a wonderful drink made out of hops. He must have been an admiral, a sultan, or a king.

Anonymous said...

But I don't like the accordion. Waaaa!

"You are eccentric, funky, wacky... definitely one of a kind.
People have trouble putting you in any one particular category. You definitely have your own thing going on.

You are a born entertainer. No wonder you'd be perfect as an one man (or one woman) band.
Your musical influences likely cross all genres - and blend together in a very unusual way.

While you are definitely offbeat, you also enjoy tradition and influences from the past.
It's just your style to take an old fashioned instrument like the accordion and make it uniquely yours.

Your dominant personality characteristic: your total inhibition

Your secondary personality characteristic: your interest in obscure activities and subjects"

Anonymous said...

You and Lazy can trade, Jennifer...hehe.

Anonymous said...

lb musing to himself a couple days ago 'if there's one instrument that i dislike, -hands down it is the trumpet'.

.....some time later,

computer: lb, answer these seemingly innocent questions and i will, with great accuracy, be able to determine which instrument you should play.

...lb does as he is told.

computer: the trumpet.

lb: go figure !

Anonymous said...

Bach and Vivaldi are two good things to be thankful for as well as triptophan induced football comas.


Anonymous said...

You smart lady.

It says I should play guitar. But I do already!! :) I picked a good one I guess..

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

And you should pick up that violin.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

My best friend plays the violin...something in the resonance of it brings tears. And I can hardly understand why. Beautiful thoughts. And Happy Thanksgiving to you. =)

Anonymous said...

i'm also apparently an accordion. this is ironic, because i'm a very foldy-type person. i expand and contract a lot. . . or something.

my son (2.5 y/o) started playing the violin tonight. he actually is getting it as-right-as-a-2yo-without-lessons- could-possibly-get-it. why did i hyphenate all that? i mean why-did-i-hyphenate-all-that? better. why am i telling you about my son and violins? lord knows. i lost the plot about an hour ago.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

today at dinner dyl was thankful for thumbs and I was thankful for tractors..I'm pretty sure without those two things we would not have food to eat

Anonymous said...

I miss Doozie's blog.

QZ - thanks for the secret URL to the secret blog that may OR may not exist. I promise not to leak the URL.

Thumbs and tractors are good things to be thankful for. At the moment I am thankful for Spanish red wine.

Anonymous said...

And French red wine. I am also thankful for that

Why the hell can't I sleep? Am I a freak? Really. I can not sleep. It does not matter how much I drink. I can not go to sleep until the sun rises. It is 4:11 AM local time as of now.

I need help. I need sleeping pills. I need something.

Anonymous said...

I'm an accordion, too. Awesome!

So, how was your evening out with Mr. Coffee? Did you have a right fine time?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could play any instrument. The closest I got was twinkle twinkle little star on the flute, enjoying beating on a drum pad (but once I get near an actual kit, all I make is noise), 2 chords on a guitar, and lean on me on piano.

I love music and wish I could create it. I guess I'm just not patient or persistent enough.

As for being thankful for turkey, my 6 year old said the same thing. LOL.

Anonymous said...

fun post. I was with my 3 year old neice recently, and to my surprise she pulled out a violin and played for me. I now refer to her as the viloin virtuoso. I put a short video of her on my blog:


ps- nice blog. stop by and say hi sometime!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that music thing is right on.

Anonymous said...

I think you know more about music than I do. That is so sad. Stupid 7 years in college for nothin'! :)

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe