29 December 2007

Potty Talk

I've been meaning to mention that my kids are bloggers now. The two oldest love to write and after setting up almost everything for him, I caught Game Cubist attempting to pick out a URL.

I caught him laughing to see if a blogspot address was taken. The following ones apparently are available:


I come over to the computer screen, wondering about the suspicious peals of laughter. I go deadpan and type in my pick:


and ironically,

PottyTalkGetsYouSentToYourRoom.blogspot was available. He wisely picked another.

~Bee kids a bloggin'


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh god. i *just* put internet in my 8's room last night. what was i thinking. . .

Anonymous said...

*runs off to register snotlocker.blogspot and boogerheadbrother.blogspot*


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. Good for you. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! We call it bathroom talk around here, and since I'm the biggest perpetrator and since I love to get sent to my room we have no problems.

Anonymous said...

Something in here smells like sour milk and butt crack

Anonymous said...

I like this kid!


Anonymous said...

Boogerheadbrother is taken?

Anonymous said...

oh hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

POOPSMELLER!! That is the best laugh I've had all morning.

Off to my room now.


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