24 January 2008

Dancing At Discos Eating Cheese on Toast

I've had a weird week and some great surprises.

Rebate checks from the Federal Government are a nice idea if it passes the Senate. This will not jump start my economy but will keep my lights on and food in the fridge. This is leap year and one more day of housing, food, and clothing four growing children is going to break the bank. Is it wrong to say I really don't care why they are sending these or where they come from? The social security taxes I pay, I won't see a dime of when I retire. I'm just saying....

(please don't hate me for my apathy but really I wouldn't care either way)

Speaking of clothing, I just used up my Famous Footwear frequent buyer $25 coupon. Those coupons are gold at our house. Two pairs of New Balance tennis shoes for the boys at $110. On clearance, $30 for both, plus shipping, and coupon = $10 and change out of pocket.

And she scores!

I ran across some amazing scientific study yesterday. Since I have great musical and athletic ability, is it coincidental that my ring fingers are much longer than my index finger? Apparently not. Read about it here and see if your fingers match up.

Three more days to vote in the mullet contest. The poll will allow one vote per person per day, even for yourself. You can also vote in comments for Heffalump who sadly missed the poll creation but is holding her own.

~Bee would love to know the real color of her hair


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the rebate checks, and my ring finger is also longer than my index finger, thought that was normal. Checking out my fingers reminds me that I really need to get my nails done today. Better get dressed! (I can't really afford to get my nails done, but because they also double as most excellent back scratchers my husband agrees they are worth the cost. ha!)

Anonymous said...

Good post...but GREAT title. =P

Anonymous said...

Your posts are always a five rating in my book!!! BTW....Famous Footwear rewards/coupons are considered gold here also...it is the only way we get new tennis shoes...do they call them tennis shoes anymore??? Or are they all athletic shoes..????

Anonymous said...

Ha! Hubby wears all white Adidas, too! I'll have to tell him he's manly. When I quit laughing.

Hot grandma.

Anonymous said...

Hey my rind finger is long than my index! What does that mean? No, I didn't go read the article. :)

Anonymous said...

is it bad that I see a surprise $900 and think "Blogher!"

Anonymous said...

Yep, rebate checks sound good to me too!
And my index finger is just barely longer than my ring finger, almost the same size depending on how you look at it-does that mean I'm perfect? ;-)

Anonymous said...

actually i have a body that is in constant flux, so it really depends upon which *instant* in time you look at my fingers.

there . ring finger longer

oh now index is longer

ring. index. ring ring ... now index.

feet, though, are completely stable. otherwise, how could i run? duh.

Anonymous said...

It's your hair I hate you for.

Anonymous said...

Famous Footwear...oh. I forgot about that deal...okay, I am going now.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what happened to the prices on the Legos.
In some ways I hate that they are so collectible. My boys just love Star Wars, and love playing with legos, and the stores are almost always out of the ones we want to buy because collectors have collected them.

Anonymous said...

I want my rebate check like now! We're not getting much back in taxes so it'll really help for the baby!

Anonymous said...

I wanna know how to do that little arrow thingie

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