07 August 2008

15 Years of Us

For the love of all that is good and holy, my mind is running today.

Run, Forrest. RUN!

This week's events:

I finally met with a college advisor who was enlightening, at least more so than the last one who blinded me with her glinting chin hair and didn't tell me squat. This advisor laid out the program and guided me on how to get started. She did not have chin hair to distract me. I feel so ready to go now. Along with a career goal, a surprising perk is that I can get medical benefits with full-time school.

I am armed with a schedule: 13 credits, a good goal, and an early registration time, thanks to the one class I took 17 years ago. The Radiology Program runs every two years and has 90 applicants. The clincher? Only 16 are chosen. The pressure is already starting to mount but I remind myself that my alternatives aren't promising. Having a minimum wage job where a pervy boss never once looks north of my neck (yeah, just think about that...) or learning how to ask 'if you want fries with that'? See? Not viable options.

Today I had to order my official transcript again. Had I been told that opening the envelope makes it unofficial, I wouldn't have to order a second one. I filled out and faxed the form, watched a new flick, and folded laundry. Exciting day, yes? I will say Lars and The Real Girl is a really great movie. Loved it. LOVED it.

My daughter will be in Jr High this year. She needs another round of immunizations before I enroll her in school. It's ridiculous the number of 'recommended' shots that kids are subjected to. I have no beef with basic immunizations aside from them being the lesser of two evils. Just look at any county death records from 100 years ago, and you'd agree with me. I can handle trace mercury. Interestingly enough, I've read that tattoos and fillings have more mercury than an immunization. Hmmmm.

I do have issue with the dim bulbs that push Gardasil. I have researched Gardasil and know more than most doctors now.

~insert long rant here~

Okay, I'm back.....

Speaking of dim bulbs, a nearest and dearest friend is taking her ex-dim bulbness to court today. Take it from me, this guy is a piece of....work. Pray, think good things, wish her the best. She could use it! Mr Dim Bulb uses his children as pawns for revenge. This said, I would love to see my friend have her glorious day in court while the arse shows his real colors to the judge. My friend is an amazing mom and could use some good encouragement.

Earlier in the week, I posted about the mecca of bookstores and I forgot to tell you about a fridge magnet I saw there with a woman on the phone: "Incontinence Hotline, can you hold please?" I wonder if other customers thought me odd laughing out loud in the middle of the store.

Last but not least, today is my 15th wedding anniversary. I met my husband, and we quickly became inseparable. We knew each other 2 months and we were engaged. Within only 4 mos. and 3 weeks of first meeting, we were married. We've had our ups and downs as most couples do, but through it all we are still very much in love. I miss him even when he is gone one day. We still like each other, too.

Don't get a toothache from saccharine overload. Although we draw the line at matching outfits. We are married, not a freaking double mint gum commercial. I'd say our secret was that we both laugh on a daily basis, respect ourselves and each other, love madly and unconditionally but without strings. Oh, and he is HAWT.

We hope to make it out of town this weekend. The beach is calling me.

YAY! Happy Anniversary to us!!

~Bee still gets flowers and even gets breakfast in bed once a week

PS. UPDATE: He just came home with an 1) iTunes card 2) Starbucks card 3) my favorite coffee 4) bouquet of flowers 5) one red rose 6) chocolate and 7) dinner reservations.


Heffalump said...

Congratulations on 15 years! Yahoo!!!

Millie said...

Happy Anniversary! You're almost as married as we are! :)

Amen on Gardasil. Grrrrrrr... I told my daughter it was cheaper to keep her pants on...

You know what's sad? I read about a man dying of throat cancer caused by HPV. A MAN. He figures he contracted HPV back in the 70s when everyone was getting their freak on... sad. Sounds like we should have had the vaccine back then.

holly said...

me = insanely jealous of you.

INSANELY jealous.

i don't think i've *ever* got a red rose, and yesterday he asked me to go way out of my way "too make life easier on r" our friend. um...okay...

(luckily, when i called "r" she said don't be silly, i'd been at work all day and she would sort it. niiice. r likes me more than hubby does. okay...)

holly said...

what i MEANT to say was HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!

Heather said...

I've seen the way he looks at you. At the lake a couple weeks ago he was stroking your hair and giving you these looks...

Congratulations on 15 years!

Anonymous said...

NICE! Yeah, that Gardasil thing; pure CRAZINESS. Like I'm going to risk my daughter's reproductive health to pad the pockets of a drug company. Congrats on your anniversary! Mr.4444 and I follow the same advice. In fact, I take pride in the fact that neither one of us has ever called the other a single name in anger; is that odd? Anyway, I also want to say that last weekend (at the family reunion), my dear baby sister took me aside to tell me that I had a HAIR growing from a small mole on my neck (she saw it glinting in the sun!) YIKES! I guess I've turned the corner towards old ladyhood! (Jeez, I've practically written a guest post here! Sorry about that!)

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Fifteen years--wow! I've got t-shirts that old.

A most Happy Anniversary.

R said...

Wow. He wins the award. Don't you hate it when people say that? LOL

No, your man ROCKS. Big time.

Have a beautiful anniversary because you are a beautiful couple.

What can I say to one up you? I can't. When I wig out and burn the chicken my man steps in and takes over, tongs in hand.

itunes card, starbucks card, coffee, flowers, a flower, chocolate and dinner reservations is swoon worthy.

That Janie Girl said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Happy Anniversary lovely lady!

Doozie said...

You should prolly link over to me so I can get words of "encouragement" on my latest post???

Thrilled that you have not killed coffeeman yet, and that he is stepping up to the anniversary entertainment plate

tracey said...

ah yes, god gave us some gooder's didn't he hun?? :) happy anniversary! we're celebrating 13!! wooooot!!!!

hugs and love,

queen foodie said...

Congratulations on your 15 yr anniversary...that is great! It sounds like your plans for school and your future are working out. Congratulations on that too.

SheaLuna said...

I want one! A Mr. HAWT Coffee, that is. Not yours, of course, but one of my own. Mr. Coffee def wins Best Hubby of the Year. Brilliant!

Happy Anniversary.

BTW, can you believe, my bro Dan's wife is on kidlet number 3. Yes, that's right, my bro has reproduced not once, not twice, but thrice. Scary thought.

Doozie said...

I think these people should know that Mr Coughy actually hits bee in the stomach so the bruises don't show, and he also has big, saggy man boobies. Sometimes late at night when the moon is full, he peruses the parking lot while his family sleeps, in search of left over cigarette butts to smoke. He is however, anatomically correct but refuses to allow his wife to see him naked. We have been in prayer for this couple at The Church of Rump Munching Horny Ladies.

Lets hope that soon, the truth will be revealed, (as it so often is) and mr coughee will be exposed for the maniaclonghourworkingbreadwinninghardbody that he is.

Bee said...

shhhh, Doozie, let us revel in the fairytale.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. My husband and I just celebrated 7 years married and 12 years together. We are best friends and I think that is what makes a great marriage.

I am with you on the gardisil. My girls will not get that vaccine. I have issue with the fact it is given when most girls are starting puberty they don't have enough research for me to feel comfortable. I think you have to talk to your kids at an early age about sex and keep those lines of communication open. I tell my older daughter. You can come to me or your daddy any time you want. Don't fear if we will get mad or not just always trust us and talk to us about anything.

Like your blog and have a great time on your anniversary. I love the beach too.

Suzy-Q said...

Happy 15th! Hope you got lots of kisses after dinner. :o)

McBunni said...

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Mah-wwage! Happy anniversary! That school thing has me all in a cramp! I am trying to finish too.

Gen said...

How exciting to be going back to school! Yay for you! (exciting until the drudgery kicks in? Or maybe you will really just love every minute.)

Happy anniversary!!!

Dapoppins said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jo Beaufoix said...

We're 15 this year too. What Heather said made me go all weak at the knees. He gives you looks and strokes your hair in public? Jealous moi? Happy Anniversary babe, even if I am late. :D

Jaina said...

Good luck with school, how exciting!
And I got the Gardasil shots...that stuff burns going in. (not as bad as an antibiotic shot though)
Congrats on 15 years!!! That's incredible! And what a wonderful guy you have there coming home with all those wonderful things. :)

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