24 August 2010

Change Came In Disguise of Revelation

Change. Changing. Mud pies and skinned knees.

Bugs in a jar. Newspaper routes long forgotten.

Love. Family. Children. 10th reunions. 20th reunions.

Surprise encounters. Didn't I know you?

So good to see you.

Didn't you have that bio class?

I still have that old car. A tape deck that eats tapes.

Running on a perpetual ¼ tank of gas. Loud music.

Good times shape personalities. Create character. Provide foundations. One will need them.

The world revolves on change. People change with new ideas. Morals change with proclaimed maturity or in best case scenarios, one possessing a genuine understanding of self. Time constitutes inevitable change and if one is open, the years are a benevolent force. Time, the pseudo-nemesis gaining a bad rap. It only veils, obscuring the view of the spirit of unteachable.

Old dogs learn many tricks but too many believe the status quo.

Lives go through spurts of growth. Stagnate and one will die from the inside out, slowly and uncomfortably although as familiar as the nose on one's self-loathing face. Taking the years in stride is no insurance against growing pains, in fact quite the opposite. But when do we ever know what comes down the pike?

What will we encounter that has a potential to heal. What has a potential to hurt?

Pain is not the enemy though. Pain is uncomfortable but also the way the human mind is taught, "Don't do this again, please." Stagnation is a far more nefarious and formidable enemy, and to refuse a lesson learned. To close ones ears. Unteachable and unwavering. Singularity. It is this I fear.

Revelation of life's ability to teach me paves the way for change and ironically, being open to hear it's message...and change brings revelation. The ability to change creates an avenue to make change possible. Life just brings change to our door.

Change. Changing. Stir the soul. Set on fire. Thankful for each day to appreciate. Full of life's loveliness and revelation.

 ~Bee is listening to A Dustland Fairytale by The Killers


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... Paige said...


did I miss your birthday


change is not always bad, nor is it always good

change is however a new adventure

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe