19 January 2005

The Cake Hole Tour

Do you know there actually is a band named Cake? Like the food. My sister just told me about this band and I just laughed. Cake..Really? I guess it's better than a band called something like, Your Mom.

"Dude! I totally love Your Mom! Your Mom rocks!"

Band names crack me up but what is even funnier are bands that tour together that really shouldn't solely due to their band name. Work with me here....

For instance, if Cake should ever tour with Hole it would be The Cake Hole Tour.

I decided to put together my own top ten list of bands that should never tour together. Here they are in no particular order:

Snow Patrol with Dead or AliveEarth, Wind and Fire with Jet
Bananarama with The Monkeys
Kings X
with Queen
Thievery Corporation
with The Police
The Cure
with The Fixx
with Flock of Seagulls
Pink Martini
with Smashmouth
The Shins
with Switchfoot
Isn't that fun? I think the Cake Hole Tour is still my favorite.

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