11 August 2005

12 years

12 years my love
the beginning
God brings
Hello Mr Mr Mr
Pizza date
Expo show
drive like a bat
sunday morning
smiles upon us
subway park
everybody here
wants to be here
couch movies
knowing the future
Coke and a smile
fresh french fries
salty thank you
blue pickup
borrowed to fix
new jobs
phone calls
long drives home
banquet walks
black velvet dress
the ring or not
VanHalen mowers
say I do
rental cars
saving the planet
at gorge honeymoon
tillamook strikes
small with storage
Ford pickup
with Combat
concrete laundry
charging in
gravel flying
smiles and movies
homemade pot roast
learning to live
Turtle flys
baggage cleaning
brings understanding
laughter fills
1100 mile move
tummy grows
pool time
bank commute
fully-dressed swimmer
laughter hangs
new baby
wrapped pinkies
carpenter tools
pay the bills
UHaul feedings
toddler shoes
Nana's sidewalk
home means work
more concrete laundry
love strikes again
grizzly adams brings
greatest excellent
wise Leader
baby diapers
cousins about
dirt piles
lava rock
scream and shout
internet terrain
paint and spiders
Quiet nights
Fiery war-like giant
bringing joy
pain in the quiet
volume rises
bic hairdos
struggles to share
more concrete laundry
big chicken
meets cinderella
please go
future awaits
new perspective brings
weeks to think
computer distract
stresses break
dreams in 3 days
words are harmony
packing Bees
music in the trunk
1100 miles in 22 hours
words are many
both sides work
as long as we both shall
look to God
home suprise
piece of van
new addition
makes 6
almost 5
champion wins
final score
two and two
faithfulness abounds
never changes
time cards
monetary purpose
school brings
babies mature
a life to have
calendars turn
laughter and love
it's only you
add to the years
12 as they are
amaze me

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"One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe