05 August 2005


I try very hard not to complain.

Negativity does not suit anyone although, there comes a time when you have to vent!

In light of that, I have to dedicate this blog to those parents who brought their three children, all under 8 years old, to the PG-13 movie last night. Nice move, hey, while you are at it, buy them some ciggies and beer on the way home.

Things that make me nuts:

Loud cell phone talkers during dinner.

People who believe Yield means, "Just mash in...but do it fast"

People who stand on your heels at the check out lane.
(If you were any closer, you would be in front of me)

People who ding the crap out of your parked car.
(increases the resale value, Im sure)

Full grown adults who don't cover their cough or sneezing.
(thanks, I needed another cold)

Anyone in customer service that calls me 'hun'.
(Okay, sweetcheeks, I'll have a coffee refill)

People who fill out their forms at the bank drive-through...when they finally get to the window
(I forgot my time is just not important anymore)

People who wear so much cologne that your eyes water when they walk by.

Tall people that don't stand up straight.

Women who wear black nylons with white shoes.

People who pace with your car on the highway.

Those who talk loudly during a movie.

Those who double park or park in the handicap space and have no permit.
(Gee, I had my hazards on!!!)

Women who hike their thong underwear up so it shows out their pants.
(Hello? underwear)

People with 'Kerry - Edwards' stickers still on their car.

People who smack their gum.
(Hint: Purchase mirror and practice gum chewing for 10 minutes while gazing upon your cud-chewing face. Now do you get it?)

So, tell me......what makes you nuts?

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"One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe