16 June 2006

Say What?

*******Back to our regularly scheduled programing.*******

Does Angel Hair Pasta come from Noodle Angels? ~ –Max, age 6

Max, age 5, comments after seeing a dozen or so teenage girls run by us, apparently training for High School track, "Look at all the females!"

"That '‘craps'’ me up!" ~– Jaina, age 4

After being repeatedly sniffed by my sister-in-law's dog, Jaina states emphatically, "“NO ROSIE! Quit sniffin' my butt! There'’s nothing good in there!"

With the neighbor'’s BBQ wafting through the house, Jaina comes in from the back yard asking what smelled like BBQ. After seeing the TV on and showing a cooking program about BBQ, she quickly states, "“Oh, that'’s why I smell barbeque!"

Zus stated one day, very excited, "When I grow up I'm gonna marry "the neighbor girl". I'm gonna have 27 kids and a dog named Stink."

I asked a bit puzzled with a big grin (27 kids, aye, ya, aye!) , "A dog named Stink? Why would you call him Stink?"

Zus looks at me matter-of-fact, "Cause he would stink out".

"Mama, I need fuddins"
It took me sometime to realize my 2 year-old wanted his shoes.
Because when I would put them on his feet I would say,
"Put your foot in."

Max, age 7: After driving through the little coffee place I endearingly call The Cleavage Barrista Hut, Max says rather red-faced:
"Momma, her b00b crack was showing"

Lolo, age 2½:
Running excitedly through the X-Box isle at Target, "A$$ BOX! A$$ BOX"

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