14 September 2006

dermabond girl

I just got a bill in the mail. $518.80 but allow me to back up....

One hot day in the last week in August, I mustered the strength to venture out to the grocery with all four kids. We were out of kitchen staples, and since I can't magically create a four course meal from canned beets and bamboo shoots, I had to go. When I arrived home, I finished unloading the van and was telling the kids to come in the house. Ellie, my 3 yr old, barrels down the driveway full speed. She trips at the bottom and falls headfirst onto the concrete. I was almost sick because I knew she hit hard.

She will be okay, but the hollow thunk of her head hitting the ground...uhhh, so horrifying. I ran over and picked her up, fearing the worst. She had cut her forehead and nothing else was bleeding, just superfical scrapes. I still don't know how she didn't scrape her nose and bang her teeth, let alone her hands and elbows.

We took her to Urgent Care still bleeding from a small but deep head cut. They cleaned it out, examined her and used Dermabond (medical super glue) instead of stitches. Oh, but she was a trooper. 3 hours later and way past her bedtime we made it home.

Just yesterday, I finally got my bill. I'm tempted to drive over there and show them Ali-style what I think would qualify as $518.80 in medical bills.

Dermabond & topical skin numbing (superglue & Lanacane) cost $58

Surgical supplies (aka cotton swabs, two sets of surgical gloves and one band-aid) $138

Pulmonary Function (checking her oxygen intake) $30

Urgent Care Clinic fees (walking on their carpet, waiting in the germy waiting room, talking for 5 minutes to a receptionist that hates her job) $97.00

Professional Fees (the Nurse Practitioner) $195

No wonder I am unable to get affordable health care. I still am going to contest this.

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