19 April 2007

I've Been Busy

Here I am writing something worth a darn.

I've been busy.

Haven't we all? Don't you love it when people say that, "I've been busy." It's the ultimate excuse. It's uses are so entirely versatile.

You forget to pick up your kids at school?
I've just been busy.

You miss a deadline at work?
Hey, I'm swamped. I'm so busy.

You hit someone with your car?
I was busy dialing my phone.

You forget to go to the bathroom?
I just wet myself, I was so busy.

You forgot to take your heart medication?
~Mumble mumble garble farble warble~

Why a mumble? That's what it sounds like from the inside of a casket 6 feet under. My point? I like asking questions and using question marks. My other point?

You make time for what is important to you.
Plain and simple.

You don't wet your pants, do you? You aren't too busy to take life-saving medication, are you? These are priorities. You make the time because your priorities are high when it comes to life and death, embarrassment, or sacrifice.

When you say you are busy, it simply means the other things you were doing, you have absolutely decided, were more important to accomplish. Is this just a conscious decision you've made to use your time for_____.

My motto is to make time. Just do it. (hey, that's kinda catchy)

Be honest with other people about your time. More importantly, be honest with yourself and take responsibility for every minute being a product of your own choices.

With that in mind, I have been making bacon-cheddar-cheese potato soup with french bread and home-made Rice Crispy treats after cleaning my kitchen and unpacking my stacks of boxes after helping kids with homework. I devour one chapter of my new book, "Blink" and it's lights out for the kiddies, and only after making both my daily phone calls to best friends that I have time to blog.

Once again, I made time for what is really important.

~The way we spend our days, is the way we spend our life.~

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Anonymous said...

mmm....rice krispy treats...i'm not too busy for them!

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