04 January 2008

Things I Did On My Bloggy Vacation

I'm getting so much done since I've scaled back on blogging.

♦File Pile...check.
I had stuff at the bottom of the enormous File Pile Box from 2003. 2003?!

♦Shred Box...done.
No more papers to be shredded and Recycle Bob had a full load of paper.

♦Christmas tree gone and closets cleaned.
4 bags for the Goodwill and everything put away.

♦Kitchen cupboards arranged and scrubbed down.

♦Lots of time with kids
We have checked out a total of 122 library books. WOOT!

♦Avoided the flu plague while each one of the kids went down for the count.
They are better now, but our place looked like a pharmacy for a few days.

♦Firetruck earned.
Played Burnout 3: Takedown with kids. Man, that sure takes out aggression. Almost as cleansing as paint-balling my neighbors cat or getting my foot calluses soaked off.

♦Watched all episodes of Firefly with hubby.
These are better the second time around. If you haven't seen them, and you like westerns, space, and really great writing, you will love this show. Watch Firefly the TV show, then watch the movie, Serenity.

♦Watched Blue Man Group special on PBS.
Amazing. Funny. Must see these guys live.

♦Mr Coffee sent out a few resumes
This is a nail biter for us. More details later.

♦Ordered my Digital Converter Coupon
In early 2009, all full-powered TV stations are converting to digital programing. This means anti-cable people like me will have to buy a digital converter because I can get five whole stations with my antenna rabbit ears. This said, if your TV does not have a digital converter built in, or cable, or satellite, you will need to buy one for each TV you use. Digital converters will be expensive (said to be priced between $50 and $70). For your free $40 coupon (up to two coupons per household) to be sent to you and more on the subject go to www.dtv2009.gov. These coupons are limited, so the sooner the better.

♦Avoiding the debates because talking about politics are about as fun as a Brazilian wax.
I am conservative on moral issues, very Green over the environment, but lean more Democratic when it comes to spending and programs. This must make me an Elephonkey. A Donkephant? What is the symbol for Independents and the Green Party?

So before Iowa, Florida and the Almighty Chad we determine our new President, I recommend taking this quiz if you vote. It was very enlightening and helped a bit to narrow down my possibilities. I get very frustrated over extremist and political arguments so I am officially not telling you who you should vote for. I'm simply making it easier for you to decide for yourself.

Interestingly enough, I agree most with Duncan Hunter. The Democratic candidate that I related to the most was Hilary Clinton...haha. Funny. Even more so than some of the Republicans like Guiliani, McCain, or Romney.

-- Take the Quiz! --


Anonymous said...

I am first. I am never first here.
Yay me!!

I am so jealous of all your spiffiness and cleanliness and hubbyness and kiddyness and bookishness help I am making up words and can't stop!

Anonymous said...

I took the quiz too. Very cool. I must go back and do some more reasearch.

Anonymous said...

I took the quiz, and the top scores were for Clinton, Dodd (who dropped out) and Obama. Hillary/Dodd got a score of 45, Obama 40.

The top Republicans was Rudy with a score of 13. All the other republicans were single digits.

Anonymous said...

Hunter for me as well. Are you me?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you again... too tired to take the quiz. :)

Anonymous said...

you are so going to shout at me. probably. i'm not taking the poll because i -as-a-non-voter-* am not going to get any more political stuff in my brain. i think i o.d.'d when i was in hawaii. and you really really have to work at o.d.ing on opinion in hawaii.

*because it is too much hassle to do it from here. i mean, c'mon. i got laundry undone. dishes aren't all done. kid's telling me i have to read with her even though she reads at twice her age. i gotta vote too? oh and yeah, my filin' and shreddin' sit there taunting me. i taunt them back.

Anonymous said...

Firefly is*awesome*. I know someone who named her daughter Inara :)

Anonymous said...

OH, you did post it, I am so glad!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I have SO much catching up to do over here! Sheesh!

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