19 February 2008

Throwin Down in The Playground

Is this the new face of playground violence?
I don't think so.

Yesterday the kids were home from school for the President's holiday. We tried the library and it was closed...for the holiday. DUH. We went over to the park like every other parent in a 10 mile radius. I swear there were at least 200 kids there enjoying the sunshine and overall a very nice day. Also a day for my nearly 5 year old daughter to make a boy cry and run to his mom.

You think I'm joking?

Lolo was having a blast. She had her drink in hand and decided to get down off of the giant rocking fish thing to put it down. She was standing and turning to get back on and a boy decided to slide in quickly and take the seat.

She protested loudly, "HEY! I was here first!"

I looked at his mom, hoping she would intervene. She didn't budge. I see him start rocking at smiling at Lolo. He chided sing songy, "I'm going to be on this FOR. EVER."

I could see on her face, OH No, he di-int!!

I was about to say something when I caught his mother's eye.

"Is that your son?" She just stood there smiling at me.

I'm thinking, Hello? McFly? Anyone home? Are you brain-dead or do you normally just ignore people while you son is being rude.

I start walking towards Lolo who had already decided to take matters in her own hands. Much to my embarrassment, she puckered her mouth, narrowed her eyes, and shook her fist at him slowly, "You wanna bet?!"

The kid is half a head taller than her but so help me, she was going to throw down on the playground, old school.

Well, she might as well have insulted him by saying he throws ball like a girl. He took one look at her and starting wailing. He ran to his mom just like she'd punched him. I attempted to apologize for my daughter going to get her as well, to apologize, "She has older siblings..I am so sorr...." Mom just shot me a dirty look while she consoled him, "we'll go over to the swings..." completely ignoring me and walking away.

WT...? Sure, Mom. It's not so funny now that your bully is being bullied now, is it? Have him go steal a swing from some poor girl over there while I try to keep from laughing.

Should I feel guilty that I think it's funny? Well, I don't. Feel guilty, that is. I know, I know..bullying is not okay and it isn't the first time she's threatened someone other than her brothers. Once Dapoppin's youngest stuck her tongue at Lolo who responded with a shaking fist, "You wanna knuckle swammich?!"

So my daughter has flexed her independent streak by protecting her turf. She's also earned a serious earful from me on why bullying is not appropriate.

But seriously...it's so stinking funny.


Anonymous said...

your daughter is my wife, and i am the bully come cryer.....i want my mum!!!!

(i couldn't get that freakin video thing to work. do you have to save it to the computer first, then when it says 'browse', go to where it is saved?)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... she really shook her fist? That's so funny. What a rude mom that other lady was.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh.. Kids!


:-) Beth

Anonymous said...

Well.......you did the right thing I am sure....but you are right. It is funny! That kid was bigger than her and knew better. Wait, maybe he di-int. He does now!

Anonymous said...

I think it is hilarious. I wish you had it on video. I think I remember my girls face when offered that "swammich" first surprise and then big fake tears. Oh wait, no, that is what she did when I asked her to pick up her room.

Anonymous said...

Is it really being a bully if she's just protecting her territory? At least she didn't swing at him.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, seriously!!

Anonymous said...


I paid a white contractor to hire some illegal imigrants to build a playground for my girls so that they wouldn't have to get along with other kids.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, she looks just like mom, very cute.

Anonymous said...

I fondly remember the time my own dear sweet daughter, five at the time, stood up to her older brother and called him a f*ck *ss.

She didn't learn it from me. Honest. What are they teaching kids in kindergarten these days?


Anonymous said...

we have lift off. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Her knuckle sammiches aren't really sammiches at all. She just hits you in the mouth. Not what I was expecting.

Not even a little bit of bread to soak up the blood.


Kidding. She's a doll and you know it!

Anonymous said...

Oh it's hilarious! I'd be proud of my little girl if I were you. I mean, she didn't actually hit him, right? And he totally deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Old school is right... that's awesome. Too bad she didn't get the chance to belt him one.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that is freakin' hilarious!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

well just take comfort in the fact that your lil girl coulda taken that shit, if she had to;)

Anonymous said...

Go Ellie.

Anonymous said...

That little twit got exactly what he deserved. And his mother ought to be ashamed of herself - raising a rude little Nancy-girl.

Anonymous said...

Moms that act like that drive me absolutely nuts. I say stuff---like, "you really don't have to ignore me."

Or at least I feel like saying it.

That rocks about Ellie. Not many people can just show a fist and get a response like that. Coolness.

Anonymous said...

Bullying is an unprovoked, mean, power trip. It's about the bully feeling better about him/herself. Ellie called the bully's bluff--good for her! The way the kid's mom handled it (or didn't) explains why the kid couldn't handle it.

But yeah...definitely a debrief afterward about when & where such displays are appropriate!

Mmmm, knuckles...I'm gonna go make a sammich.

Anonymous said...

a healthy balance is FIIINE. seriously i am so pleased about how she handled herself, being the daughter of one who turns every cheek she has. dangit girl, stand up a weeee bit!!!!

i'm smiling at your daughter.

and that dude is going to have a very sad life if he cries over a fist shaking. sheesh. but yay! sorry. i'm really sorry. but yay! no really, i am soo sorry. yay!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Ellie. Yes, bullying is not great, but she stood up for herself instead of just running to mommy for help!

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