21 February 2008

The Way I See It

I typically drink my triple shot lattes at home. I went on a tea binge when I was sick, but coffee and I are like soul mates, forever entwined in caffeinated love as we lock lips every morning.

There is no way to cheat on coffee indefinitely. It can not be done.

Having shied from Starbucks for several years, I have turned pro Little Guy Gone Entrepreneur Coffee Shack. And lately? I've been more of a My Briefly Unemployed Husband So I Grind and Brew Fair Trade Coffee At Home To Save Money. I have to say, my little Italian stove top espresso pot makes amazing coffee. I am in no pain whatsoever from my Starbucks or otherwise drive-thru fast, no need to worry for my sanity.

For the last year or so Starbucks has donned their hot drinking cups with inspiring quotes and brilliant philosophies to get us through life. I am so happy Starbucks is doing this. I like to see through others point of view and lets face it, we all need something positive to start our day while we road rage on the highways to fill our time cards in our Dilbert-esque, or equally mind-numbing, employment.

The Way I See It campaign if you will, derives from submissions by coffee drinkers far and wide, with hopes their nuggets of political correctness and rules for Utopian societies grace the millions of cups that are toppling our landfills every single day...oh, and making us all more open-minded.

In light of this, I have wanted to make my own pearls of wisdom. I don't believe these will ever shine on the side of a coffee cup, although in the spirit of altruism and narcissism, I will be more than happy to share The Way I See It.

The Way I See It #4477

If only we had more money, all of us, then we all could be rich. We couldn't be famous though, unless we were committed, doing drugs, drinking and driving or had a really bad combover with gold leaf coated guest bathrooms when entire generations are dying of AIDS in Africa.

The Way I See It #4478

When the neighbor in the apartment above you uses their balcony as a recycling heap, and further when said recycling leaks an alcoholic waterfall onto your porch, it would be more productive to just go upstairs and whack them over the head with a meat tenderizer, eliminating the problem entirely. This is much preferred over leaving a polite note on their door and hopefully trusting it doesn't happen again.

The Way I See It #4479

If you took the $4.50 it cost to fill this cup, and deposited it at your local bank at a measly 4% interest, you will have $1186.00 at the end of a year's time. Can I be the first to congratulate you? Sucker.

I think I will write one of these a week. I feel oddly inspired. I would like to extend the invitation to write one of these on your own blog. If you do, please leave a link in my comments and I'll leave some linky love in the bottom of this post.