12 March 2008


I am deeming today as Award Your Favorite Blogger Day. Also known as AYRFBD.

Now when you're camping and start turning blue from puffing up that darn air bed, you can think of today. The very day when you awarded your blog friends cool things on AYRFBD Day. As it turns out, today is also SAD. Stupid Acronym Day.

Can you see I love to celebrate?

Go crazy over at the Blog Awards and grant someone something special. Look, you can even award A Cow Fart, A Karate Kick To The Groin, and A Clean Pair of Underpants.

For the more sophisticated blogger you can award A Bunch Of Beer, or even The Medal Of Awesomeness.

These are some promising options.

(click to enlarge image..or better yet, go over to the Blog Awards and start the fun)

In the spirit of it all, I'm awarding all of my readers on AYRFBD Day.

Originally from Mr Coffee....go figure.