22 March 2008

Death And Taxes. Or Death Because of Taxes.

I'm doing my own taxes again this year.

Online filing is "even easier now". I like how much they tell us each year it gets easier. And easier. Pretty soon we can file on the back of a cocktail napkin in red and blue crayon for patriotic symbolism, of course. Maybe just red for signing in blood and blue for the bruises under your eyes from not sleeping. Either works.

Maybe the kicker check is fitting encouragement to get it done on time. Mr Coffee, keeps outstanding records but I would prefer a more organized approach beyond throwing everything in a big file pill until next April.

After pulling out my hair last night while encroaching hour 6 of tax hell, I've decided to just walk into my local Federal Building - IRS floor, walk up to the first employee I meet and hand over my wallet with instructions to help himself.

This is far less humiliating and you have to admit, it's incredibly time efficient.

~Bee is a fantastic financial consultant.


Suzy-Q said...

We have a shredder service that comes to the office. I take all my stuff there where it is certifiably shredded!

Gen said...

Good for you! I shred everything with our names, address and account numbers on it.

holly said...

i shred everything that may have my fingerprints on it. sadly, this has meant i have ruined my shredder with my microwave. still! better safe than sorry.

ACTUALLY - it is happy days for me at work. an industrial size shredder is now four yards away from me. it kicks the but out of my four-pieces at a time shredder. please. like i have time for *that*.

Bee said...

@aunt jo
how I miss that. four pieces at a time stinks.

cause you rock, that's why

in that case, my TV would be ruined. if I clean it my kids think that means WIPE HANDS HERE.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious that she actually went and got one! Me thinks I should invest. I usually just rip it up, but I'd feel better if it were shredded. What a good neighbor you are : )

Anonymous said...

That was a remarkably kind gesture. She's lucky to have you as a neighbor!