13 September 2008

Rambling and A Birthday

If you could see the daily thoughts swirling my brain it would resemble some kind of monster banana smoothie whizzing around in my blender-like cranium. Today it could end up being post worthy.

Mr Coffee and I are both huge Serenity / Firefly fans. Being as such our ears perk up when we hear of Nathan Fillion doing a new project. Apparently, he and Neil Patrick Harris decided to use the downtime during last year's writer's strike to make a little film. Mr Coffee and I downloaded it off iTunes and I'm telling you, we have ended up in tears from laughing so hard. Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is one you must see. So. Stinking. Funny.

Today my son and I polished off the last of my strawberry freezer jam. The kids loved it and stood guard by the freezer so that after an hour, they could attempt to eat the entire batch with a fork, al la popsicle style. It was my first attempt at freezer jam and if I had any inkling it would be so easy, I would've owned a full freezer most of my married life...aside from the airplane bottles of vodka/tequila/brandy I store in there for special occasions.

Special occasions = Returning from an afternoon birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.

I will openly go on record here to thank Wendy's for their new kid's meal toys. We don't eat out but on rare occasion. Supersize Me, anyone? But new kids' meal toys like audiobooks for kids, namely The Magic Treehouse series, are always a big hit at our house. Outstanding idea.

This week our 8 year old managed to bring home some kind of funk from school. He's been feverish, but I think the worst has passed. I hoped to clean the house, but ended up plunked down at my email and got to some design requests between requests for blanket, water, and go away, MOM. I haven't designed a new template for months now and yesterday I got three inquiries. I'm thinking of revamping my site here, but just the header. Should I? Should I not?

If you are already tired of politics and lipsticked pigs, please raise your chad. Thank you....

Lastly, I had a birthday this week. I'm a whole 36 and I've said it before, the years are shorter, but sweeter. Life is a good teacher.

When it comes to birthdays, I'm one that likes the party hats, decorations, guest lists, and hoopla. I remember birthdays and anniversaries partly because I like people to remember mine. It's good to be remembered by friends and family and in turn to feel appreciated for being alive at least one day of the year.

My parents forgot my 16th until evening when my sister reminded them. They usually had small family gathering for our birthdays, but our family budget was small. They did the best they could, I guess. I like the big bash with people around me. My apartment neighbors already complain about my kids, what's another 10 adults with families?

I don't mind getting older. It boils down to food as it's all about the cake. The more years=more candles=bigger cake to fit them=bigger cake=more for me.

I like birthday gifts. My 20th birthday I was given useful, yet funny gag gifts of toilet paper by all 20 people who came to my surprise birthday bash ~thank you Dapoppins~ It was the last big party I had. As it goes, I was notorious for forgetting to buy TP and making guests use Zee napkins from the kitchen.

Mr Coffee brought me flowers, three cards and a big smooch. I like big smooches even though I get them on a regular occurrence. He usually gives me three cards, because he can never decide on just one. We were going to go out, but some family ditched us for camping this weekend*. Both my sisters sent me well wishes. My parents? The usual no phone call.

Next post, I'm going to post my 36 things I want to do before I die, like eat a whole cake.

Thank you again, to all who sent me birthday wishes on facebook and email. I'm off till Monday....

*PS. Doozie, you are NOT a bad friend, STAAAAHP.


Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Of course you don't mind getting older, you're still a baby. Just wait until you're MY age. ;-)

My kids loved the Magic Tree house books.

ancient one said...

Happy late birthday... we never celebrated birthdays in my house when we were young either. Waited until we were very old to start celebrating..ha ha

McBunni said...

Happy (belated) birthdaaaaaaay!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Sorry this cricket was quiet too.

Hope you had a fabulous day.

Piper of Love said...

tis a new day! tis a new world!

happiest to you!!

Millie said...

Happy Birthday dear Bee! :)

Skerrib said...

Happy birthday! Which brat pack movie was the one where Molly Ringwald's parents forgot her effing birthday? Such a shocker with the f-bomb, she was.

Heffalump said...

Those Wendy's Audio books in the kids meals are awesome! I'm usually looking to throw out the cheap toys in those meals as soon as I can do it without the kids noticing.
The boys got all four CDs they were offering (rather than all of them getting the same CD) and we have been listening to them all week.
Happy Birthday late! You are OLDER than me (by about seven months).

Jaina said...

Bee, if it's possible, I like you even more! I LOVED Dr. Horrible, it was SO hard waiting for the episodes to come up. Also, Firefly and Serenity = AMAZING. I love anything Joss Whedon touches basically. I'm SO excited for Dollhouse to start in January.


Heather said...

Commenting my way through your post:

Dr. Horribles Singalong Blog is AWESOME! We are going to get it on DVD. LOVE Firefly/Serenity (except for the whole Wash thing since my husband IS Wash--I mean that is just so HIM which made it devastating when he was gone. Sigh.)

Haven't done freezer jam yet--it doesn't make it to the freezer, kids eat it and a whole loaf of bread immediately.

Now I HAVE to go to Wendy's--our kids are addicted to audio books.

My dad ALWAYS forgets my birthday though my mom is decent about it. The last few years my stepmom has stopped on MY birthday to inform me of her huge bash for my dad's birthday over a month away. Hmmm.

I like birthdays. A lot, though no t big on parties.

You are the same age as my husband, I turned 34 three weeks ago. Happy birthday!

Doozie said...

And I"m the worlds worst friend because I totally spaced it off. I am SOOOOOOOOO sorry. And you know what? I still have the little item her that I was going to send you last year. How pathetic is that. I suck....And don't say it's ok cause it aint.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Awww... happy 36th! You're right. Life does get sweeter with age. Either that, or we're losing our minds so quickly that we just can't tell it's going downhill. Either way, I'm in complete agreement.

Jodi said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bee!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yep, me also a cricket, but a sick cricket so you'll let me off yeah? Ta. Hope it was fantastic gorgeous. The smooches sound good and the mocha cake sounds fabulous. Happy Birthdaaaaaaay. Mwah.

ramblin' girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
We were born just 12 days apart... hmmm...

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I'm suddenly craving a frosty.

And cake. Cake would be good.

Glad to hear you got loved up!

holly said...

ooooh. yes. frosty. i so want one. and combined with cake. oh my bob yes.

i'm really sorry there was no cake at the party i threw for you. but i think you'll like your date.

That Janie Girl said...


Gwynne said...

Another Happy Belated Birthday!! So sorry I missed it. Glad it was good. You deserve the best!

R said...

"No more napkins at my party, just wipe your hands on the dead baboons, dead baboons, dead baboons..."

Do you remember that?

I am glad to hear you had killer mocha cake. Your sister in law is a goddess! Mocha? Coffee? Totally up your alley. How thoughtful! Kind of like Coffee Soap!

sarahgrace said...

Well, Happy Birthday Bee! Hope this is one of your best years ever!

Mrs4444 said...

HAPPY BELATED B-DAY!! Jeez! That makes me half-way to NINETY! Or, as Mr.4444 tells people, we are 2,340 months old. :(

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