04 October 2008

What Do You Think?

I'm in the mood to post right now. I haven't been feeling it. I guess after nearly 4 years of blogging one gets slumped.

I'm feeling the writing bug, not to be confused with the louse I found on my daughter's scalp last week. I want to scissor-kick the head of the parent that won't speak up when their child ends up infected. Now my kids are tucked in. Mr Coffee is hanging out with out-of-town friends from Bible College. I'm here awake by my lonesome and the TV to keep me company. News gets me annoyed...ha. Nothing like airsoft pistols at school and stolen Obama signs to make you feel warm and cozy at night. Tomorrow I'm hoping to go a whole 3 miles and try to jog it. I haven't run in forever. I've been working my bahookie on the treadmill and hopefully my thyroid won't explode before I get to a healthier weight. No, I'm not telling you how much I weigh but it makes me think. Off and running...
Weight Perceptions - CLICK ALL THAT APPLY
You judge over-weight people if you see them eating ice cream or fast food
You believe thin people get jobs because they are thin
You believe over-weight people get jobs because they are over-weight
You would make friends with a blogger no matter what size they were
You would not make friends with a blogger if they were over-weight
You don't believe that over-weight people are such due to laziness
You believe over-weight people are such due to laziness
You would make friends with someone based on their personality
Over-weight people gross you out
Over-weight people can help it
You would rather lose your arm than be over-weight
You would rather be over-weight than lose your arm
You would rather be in an unhappy relationship than over-weight
You would rather be over-weight than in an unhappy relationship

Free polls from Pollhost.com
Thank you to all who participate. I'll post the findings later this week.


Jen - Queen of Poo said...

I have to get back on my treadmill. Sigh.

Thanks for the reminder.

So glad I showed up here today.


Doozie said...


Doozie said...

ps, i love your template, almost as much as I love YOU

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hmmm, that was interesting but not surprising. I need to get my treadmill out too. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Overweightedness. Something I don't want to talk about right now. :(

Whistle Britches said...

I like your new folksy blog look.

I would rather be overweight and play me some killer harmonica than not be able to play the harmonica at all.
that's my choice.

Bee said...

treadmills are a love hate thing. Seriously. I really enjoy walking in the rain, which is perfect because you know what kind of weather we get.


isn't it though?! I'm really happy that people are voting.

When is there ever a good time? Um, that would be NEVER. Hey, we should go target shooting with my scale. Now that would be fun.

uncle joe,
well, I'd rather be me than someone else who wants to be like me even though they are not.

Sarah said...

New here - found you through the WL Blog. The template you made was great.

Mayonnaise is what my mom used on me and my brother and sister when we came home in Elementary school with *shiver* lice and again in HS when my neice, a kindergartener, came home with it.

It does make your hair soft, it's better than hot oil treatments.

Anyway - interesting poll results!

Saur♥Kraut said...

OK, I participated~

I've been fighting the Battle of the Bulge and it isn't easy. Once middle age hits, you find that your metabolism slows wayyyyy down. :P I hate it. I hate not eating what I like.

Jaina said...

I voted! And I'll admit a couple of my answers conflicted with each other...because I think that weight issues are on a case by case basis. Some people can't help it, some people are lazy or make poor decisions. So it's hard to make any sort of summary judgment about anyone.
On the health front, got my butt in gear yesterday and went for a LOOOOONG walk with my friend Bee. It was great...I was really tired by the time we got home, but I feel so good. Going to try to take a walk today too....we'll see. I'll at least get some pt exercises and aerobics in I hope.

JD said...

If you go I will.
I haven't been running since before I got married.
I am WAY out of shape. I really need to get on the stick. So when you do I will K. :)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Head lice? YUK! That has been one of my biggest fears as my kids went through school. So far, with only 1 left in middle school, we've escaped uninfected (crossing fingers and toes here). But yeah... parents who knowingly expose their kids to lice should definitely be scissor-kicked in the head. Good call.

Dapoppins said...

I make judgment calls on even the thin people when the eat a lot of junk food. Maybe not the same judgment, but I still have one of those silent opinions.

Thanks for revealing what a jerk I can be. HA!

Heather said...

Well, I am overweight. Now that my youngest is 8 I can't really rely on the excuse that I had six kids in 9 years anymore. So sad...

I did go to Jazzercise this morning and had a good workout there. Such fun!

Anonymous said...

excellent poll. I voted good luck.

R said...

I am so proud of you!!! Just being healthy is what is important! Did you run? I bet you would beat anyone running because you are so dang tall!!!

eyes_only4him said...

i coulda swore i commented on this..what the hell?

sarahgrace said...

I hear you on the writing schlumpage. (pardon the word that is not a word) I've been there too- hope the head lice thing is getting better...eek.

Interesting poll...I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it later. :)

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Fascinating questions in that poll.

I wouldn't have liked giving truthful answers seven years ago.

A lot has happened in the last seven years. I'm glad to have gone through emotional and physical hell to get to the point I can be more open minded.

holly said...

i wanted to bitch-slap my childminder when i had to yank my kid out of school again to clean her lice, and then found out that the CHIDLMINDER's kid gave my kid lice. OH MY FRICKING BOB was i fit to be tied.

the fricking "i don't celebrate halloween because it's from the devil" CAN'T KEEP LICE out of her daughter's fricking hair.

okay. calming down now.

what if i'm overweight AND in a bad relationship? what then? what if i'm overweight and in a bad relationship with someone with head lice? what then?

i need a drink.

Doozie said...

could you maybe get in the mood to post yet again this year? CRICKIES

Whistle Britches said...

i see you're still not in the mood to post.
neither am I.

I want to do a further investigation of this Copernicus fellow though just as soon as I smoke me some carpet fibers.

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