05 September 2010

All Keyed Up

The saying goes: You do not know what you have until you lose it.

...well, unless it's your key ring.

The appositeness of car, house, or work keys are evident in the annoyance of upturning an entire residence in pursuit of tiny, errant objects hidden by the devil himself.

However, key relevance lends more to that hypothetical soul who owns time, begs to be fired, relishes walking inhumanly colossal distances in inclement weather, and has an uncanny knack for shimmying through narrow basement windows.

I am now faithfully utilizing a wall-mounted row of key hooks.

~Bee is listening to You Found Me by The Fray


Dapoppins said...

My new word of the day-

especially well suited to the circumstances

I have never lost my keys. I don't know what you could be saying here. I certainly did not go two weeks with no car keys, keeping kids out of school cause I couldn't drive them, because we were praying to find said keys so we didn't have to buy a new set cause those lil' suckers are expensive.

Nope. Not me.

... Paige said...

loose no,
locked in the car yes
with the car running, yes why else would one lock the door

JD said...

Welcome to the club I am president you can be the VP LOL

Jaina said...

I hate losing things like keys. I'm actually really bad about misplacing kitchen utensils...while I'm baking...in my little studio kitchen...

Elizabeth said...

I am horrible at keeping track of things. I've actually yelled at my siblings for taking something only to discover it was in my pocket the whole time.

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