27 October 2005

Like, Gag Me With A Spoon!

I just saw this in WalMart the other day. Long live John Hughes.

For all those who remember, those were good days. As hubby puts it, "Party like it's on sale for $19.99!"

K, like, I woke up this morning. And I was like, almost late. I pulled on my jeans, pegged them, threw on leg warmers and jammed my feet in my Keds.

(Totally rad)

I grabbed my jelly bracelets and hot pink banana clip and did my permed hair in under 5 minutes. I just couldn't live without my AquaNet. I grabbed my favorite gigantic gold hoops and I looked so bodacious!

I got into my Camaro and turned on my new compact disc player. It only cost me $500. I listened to Bananarama and Duran Duran and drove to my school as fast as I could. The Jocks were waiting for me...it's like so totally rad to be a Senior!

I saw my friend Cassie after school in the parking lot. She and I are like best friends. She looked so cute in her Benetton jeans. The she told me that she is going out with Rick to see Back to The Future. (Ew, Rick, Gross me out the door! Just because he has a brand new truck!) I knew she would totally ditch me for someone like that loser this weekend. She is too good for him. He thinks he's like, Don Johnson or something! Then she's like, "PSYCHE!" I totally wanted to kill her but I threw my letterman's jacket at her instead.

Well, I'm off..going to finish this book, "The Color Purple" while my parents are gone to buy a Teddy Ruxpin for my brother. I wish they would just come back with a new brother haha! As if.

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe