05 May 2006

Factoid Friday

Had this been a real sign in my neighborhood it would have read $3.07 a gallon, then and ARM and a LEG

I filled up my van today and GOOD NEWS it only cost me 800 dollars! There is absolutely nothing better than filling up at the pump to proceed to the check out and hand over the deed to your house, your 401K and your first born.

Last factoid friday read more like a science class but today will be a bit more fun. At least more fun than a sharp stick in the eyeball but definitely not as fun as Disneyland.

Do you realize that I am worth my weight in gold? Almost my weight in gold. I'm trying hard to lose some lbs. just like everyone else. I threw out my bathroom scale when it started to say, "One at a time please, " and "Do you really want to see this?"

For some odd reason, I find myself at the fridge after dinner and consuming like, half a block of cheese and the leftover tub of frosting. Shortly after I awake from my food coma, I wipe the frosting off my chin and start wallowing in guilt. Now, I could pick myself up and tell myself that tomorrow is a new day. I could easily get my predominately large gluteus MAXimus off the cold kitchen vinyl and finish off the fridge condiments or change my eating habits. Starting with soda. Coke to be precise.

After doing some research on soda I have found the following:

1) Coke was founded in 1886.
"Whatser' poison, partner?"
"I'll have one of them there newfangled Cokes."

2) You can indeed melt a nail in Coke. I've done it, so there.

3) You can use a can of Coke to get oil and very filthy wash very clean. A good friend of mine recommended it for my hubby's concrete covered clothes. Her hubby happened to work in the oil fields granted her the Supreme Stain-Getter-Outer Authority on the issue.

4) In 1984, some dim bulb decided to change the formula of Coke. Riots ensued and people died. I think even a book deal was pulled and an asteroid hit Mars, or something. So they changed it back.

5) Coke has 39 grams of sugar per can. So, next time you want a coke, just pour yourself some carbonated water instead and dump in about 8 to 10 teaspoons of sugar. I can feel my insulin rise just thinking about it.

6) Coke degreases engines. Off the record, I think it also causes global warming and static in your VCR, but that hasn't been proven.

7) Santa thought the colors where so cool that he had to wear the same colors. Yo, Santa's in the hood, fo' shizzle.

8) Coke was originally made with coca leaves a manufacturing ingredient in cocaine. Gives a new meaning to "addicted" don't you think? They changed the formula sometime before the first World War, so it's as safe now as a diabetic needle. YEEE HAW!

So, now that I quit buying soda I can afford another drop, maybe even two drops of unleaded for my van. Maybe if I was paid for what I was worth as a stay at home mother of four, I could afford a trip to the gym. $209,489 for an annual salary would do quite nicely indeed.

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