05 July 2006

118 anyone?

Thinking about our troops today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our troops are over there in this weather. I think I would melt.

(or you can check this out on weather.com)

By Sunday in Kandahar, Afghanistan's weather will reach 118°
We have a US Base there.

and in Iraq?

Najaf weather:
High: 110°
Low: 93°

Bagdad weather:
High: 110°
Low: 87°

Nineveh weather:
High: 106°
Low: 80°

You will never hear me complain about the heat here again. These men and women go out in full gear in this weather. LONG pants, shirts, boots, helmets, ruck sack, supplies, and all while laying their life on the line.

What can you do here in the states? Whether or not you support the war, you can agree to support the troops. Here is a way you can and make sure to check out the other links for more support ideas.

Operation Band Aid

OK. GO. NOW. DO IT or may the fleas from 1,000 camels lodge in your armpits.

(PS. My new blog peep the Cachinnator made mention of this site too!)

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