23 July 2006

Meet The Little Bees 2006

Time for another rendition of Meet The Little Bees! Left to Right: Lolo, Zus, Max, & Jaina.

Jaina, age 9½:
Mother Hen and born leader punctuated with blond hair and Vanilla Mint Lip Smackers. Unintentionally exudes charms in the company of neighborhood boys. Prefers concocting mud pies while giggling and fluttering long black eyelashes. Inspired by promises of short-decaf vanilla lattes, watching Martha and deliberation over Map of The World posters. Infectious smile and rocking DJ. Career options: "Music Teacher, Baby Doctor or Detective".

Max, age 7½:
Einstein packed in toothpick body. Harvard English Professor's vocabulary peppered with Star Wars terminology. Seemingly large, newly acquired incisors accent infectious smile. First student in 2nd grade to fully comprehend macroeconomics in relation to Christmas. Trained in the Jedi arts. Sensitive with charming disposition. Master of The Noogie, Wet Willie and all Knock Knock jokes. Requires 40 lbs of food per day in no less than 6 meal increments. Career options: "Fighter Pilot or Entomologist".

Zus, age 6:
Giggly and lovable Mr. Coffee clone. Champion ice cream eater and Prefontaine protege. Lemonade slurper, recycling king and has shown interest in his future wife, aka blue-eyed, curly-haired next door neighbor girl. Motivations include M & Ms and all kinds of chocolate. Goal-oriented with vocal plans that include owning a bug car, fathering 27 children and acquiring a dog to be named "Stink". Career options: "Navy Seal or Runner in the Olympics who wears yellow".

Lolo, age 3½:
Left-handed nudist with Hawaiian Tropic diaper tan. Drawn to water, jewelry boxes and the possibility of driving mama's van into the garage. Budding crayola artist of walls, fridge and most flat surfaces. Dislikes pickles and spicy foods. Stuffed animal breeder. Calvin and Hobbes fan with appreciation for toilet humor. Never-ending supply of giggles, hugs and smiles. Career options: Animal Planet Host or Princess.

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