23 January 2007

Most Boring Blog Ever

I heard my three year old singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer last night.

...Rudolph with your nose so white won't you drive my sleigh tonight. Then how the reindeer loved him..loved him, as they shouted out, "All clean, WHOOPEE!"....

I never knew Rudolph and his peeps were so big on hygiene. Nothing like Santa downwind, getting a giant whiff of reindeer butt crack barreling along in the sleigh. I wonder if Santa bans them from protein the week before Christmas? Nothing like a bean burrito to spice up your gag reflex while experiencing the World Wide Tour of Chimneys.

Enough about Christmas..who is ready for spring? I have blue sky today and the dirty carnage of five overly large snowmen bodies in our back yard. It's like Snowman CSI. No heads just the bodies. Traumatic for the wee one, so I have to take a hose to finish them off.

If anything, I'm thoughtful.

Mr. Coffee just got home, not happy at my computering with dishes piled up. How many people have this happen? I go about my day and an hour before he gets home, I get the cleaning all done.

I have kids, and if I clean it once, I'm cleaning it again before he gets home anyway. This just gives me some more time. Then he comes home in the middle of the day and throws me off.

Speaking of today, I hope I can make it to the DMV. I wonder if I can get my van through emissions with practically all the dash lights lit up. You can even see my van from space.

I may just go later this week and finish errands. Mr. Coffee seems like he needs space today, and not the van viewing kind.

I think I shall name this post, The Post That Never Ends or the Most Boring Blogger Ever. I'll be back.

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe