02 September 2007

Kissing Doesnt Make You Pregnant, Getting Nekkid Does

I read your story dated 14 Apr 2007, "And Kissing Doesn't Make You Pregnant, Either" over at Dear Margo. I read this with my mouth open and not because I was bored and yawning. The things people lie tell themselves....

Well, I have a few things to say about it.

Kissing doesn't make you pregnant but saying 'we are just friends', talking dirty to a guy friend and lying to a spouse about where you have been? This can eventually make you take off your clothes..and yes, that does make you pregnant.

We aren't doing anything wrong, but we keep it a secret.
Let me write the response, Dear Margo. Please?

Dear Ms. Who's Right,

So, when did cheating in your heart and mind become different than cheating in your bed? This aside from the obvious lack of embarrassing itch that flares up leaving you scratching like a zoo monkey while you stand in Winco, gazing agonizingly into the bulk cereal bins.

Let's say you had a child or niece that an adult was fixated on. Sick, indeed but if they just thought about it and never did anything about it, does this still make it right?

The grass is always greener until you get to the other side. You'll discover that the problem is you are unhappy and doing what you can to boost your self-esteem with this attraction. Greener grass will turn brown when you get tired of the attention (and you will) You will soon enough be dismayed that your side truly was greener and now you are stepping in manure covered crabgrass while tripping over gofer holes.

It's an affair, lady. End of story.

Now for more:

Dear Margo,

You say "
Your situation may well develop into an affair, but right now it's a flirtation." Really? Seriously? Seriously. A Flirtation? Is this what you call an 8th grade Teacher running away with his young pupil? Is this what Jeffrey Dahmer said to his victims right before he thought about boiling their heads for dinner? I don't think so. Call it for what it is. And thank you for at least challenging Ms. Who's Right to get her head out of her nether regions. Otherwise, I hope she likes bulk foods.

~Bee knows what makes you pregnant, believe me.

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