16 October 2007

Reece High Call

It appears only 13 of my readers and subsequent commentees are bookish, er....book lovers. Or as someone says, "biblioholic/geek". I am not a geek. I only have a couple hundred ~mumble, mumble~ okay, over 1500 books.

Okay, I'm a geek.

I'd like to take a moment to officially own up to coining the word biblioholic. I've had it in my profile for like, 400 years. It's all mine now.

Making up words off the cuff is always fun.

On the spotzkey!

Like fabloid magazine and my personal favorite Manheimlich Steamroller. I just cannot wait for the Christmas music that descends upon us like a bucket of hot tar. Fond as I am of this group, when I hear them play, I have the abnormal urge to grab the closest sharp implement and jam it repeatedly into my ears.

Friends, do not let friends listen to Manheimlich Steamroller.

I was taking in a good read today and got the 10-4 about common expressions. It made me think of speech and expressions because the post was about, well...speech and expressions. I tend to say very 'Brit' things because this chick can't get enough of Britcoms. I hear it all the time.

If anyone on the planet has a good grasp of the English language, it's the Brits. ((sending love across the pond))

Yesterday, I intended to post on the environment or recycling, or perhaps fess up to the 10 years of Pampers diapers I've contributed to landfills.

I know that's irresponsible but I'd never use generic or Huggies.

Now thanks to modern medicine, a tubal ligation, and those furry Charmin bears that have cool potty training kits, I shall contribute no longer.

Today, in late fashion but still in the recycling spirit, I introduce you to my list of Click to Donate sites. Clicking to donate is a great idea and suggest that you DO IT NOW all change your home page to one of these. Every day you fire up your browser, you will see it, click it, and make a difference.

Not doing this is the equivalent of being a celebrity and not adopting. ~gasp~

Fight Against Breast Cancer

Gave a Child Free Health Care

Helped Feed a Child

Protected the Rainforest

Rescued an Animal

Funded Free Books For Kids

~Bee is all about peace, love, and recycle


Anonymous said...

Excellent work on the three r's. I'm not proud to admit this but you're doing my share, too. It's a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, I also have more than 1500 books and counting...
I wish fewer of them were children's picture books, but if I want to pass on the biblioholic gene, I need to start early.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how many books I have, but we have run out of room on my bookcases, and now they all have two rows of books on them. I always have a hard time convincing movers about how big of a truck they'll need. They just care about how many rooms I have and square footage. My "but there are bookshelves crammed with books" doesn't get me anywhere. And then they act like it's my fault they don't have a big enough truck for my stuff.

And I LOVE making up words! I wish more people thought that words and languages are fun. Or maybe lots of people do and I just don't know them?

Anonymous said...

I donated a dollar last night at safeway for breast cancer..then I got to thinking, where is all this money going? because they are STILL using the same exact treatment for cancer as they always have...radiation and chemo. holy mother shouldn't they have discovered something new by now with all these people donating?

got off on a rant there, sorry

as for words....I love words too does that make me a word geek? yes it does.

"use your words like a big girl"

um...forgot what else I was agonna say

Anonymous said...

Um....I wish I had 13 readers period! I know, I know....go to one of your nifty clubs and I will have lots, right? :)

I also have a crappy vocabulary. ....and apparently, crappy spelling. That originally said carppy vocab. 99% of the cool words I use are because I heard someone else say them. Such as phenomenal, albeit...well that's it. Plethera (or however you spell it) and loathe, I use on a daily basis.

Why do I seem to have word vomit spewing from my face right now? Ok, I'll stop rambling and taking up a bunch of comment space.

Pedagogical. (just thought I'd throw in one more big word there)

P.S. My typing is absolutely horrible when my fingers are cold. You should see some of the stuff I'm coming up with. "stop" was "stome." LOL

Anonymous said...

Yea! I used to click on these links every day at work because they sent an email reminder to my work email account. Then I left that job, and no more reminder...so no more remembering to click. Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I liked the Huggies.

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"One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe