17 February 2008

I'm Calling Miss Manners

Throughout the day, I'll do my chores and many times you'll find my ear to the phone. I like to talk with friends.

Who doesn't like friendly banter when conversation with the only other body in the house is sparce.

Which princess dress do I put on my dollies?

Why doesn't Clifford the Big Red Dog go potty?

Why is your bahookie bigger than mine? 

Mmmkay, I'll skip that one...

There are times though, that you should not talk on the phone. Last summer, a friend called (we'll name him Bob) for Mr Coffee at the house. Bob and I briefly caught up on the latest news, his wife in a new job, son's wedding, etc... Suddenly in mid-conversation, hear the unmistakable sound of running water. I think nothing of it until I hear the flush. He flushed. The toilet.

WT...???? Gross. Gross. GROSS.

Even in my disgust, I couldn't help wondering when I'd hear him hitting the bathroom soap.

You better hit the soap buddy, or I'm never shaking hands with you again. Within the next 30 seconds would be good.

This bathroom chatting is a problem, evident by this poll. I was shocked that one-third of people polled so far have talked on the phone while using the loo. Miss Manners has probably never even looked at a phone in a bathroom.

There are things you just don't do in bathrooms. Smoke, blog from the laptop, engage in er.. contractual or otherwise..companionship, leave your name and number on the walls, leave your boss' name and number on the walls, make a bomb out of the toilet....and most importantly, you absolutely do not talk to someone on the phone while you are taking care of business.

Readers, what do you think?

~Bee's imagination thanks you.


Anonymous said...

I'll admit to using my laptop in the bathroom at times (especially when I just want to hide from the kids for a few minutes, LOL), and what you so euphemistically refer to as companionship has likewise taken place in the bathroom (no, not on the throne! Yucko!).

But no, the phone should not be in there. I remember being at a conference some years ago and during an intermission everybody made their run for the bathroom and some guy answered his cell phone while he was draining the lizard. He ACTUALLY said "Oh, hi Bob (or whatever the guy's name was), I was just thinking about you." LMFAO!


Anonymous said...

My mother has a phone jack in her bathroom. EEEEWWWW!! I refuse to talk to her on the phone if I know she is in there. Sometimes she is sneaky and I can't tell. That really makes me mad.

Once at work I saw a co-worker walk into the bathroom talking on her cellphone....then she came out still talking. I was staring in disbelief. She just laughed.

Anonymous said...

I work part-time at a bookstore, after 7 years I'm no longer amazed at the number of women who talk on their cells, while in the stalls. Amazing. I have no idea about the men's side of things, Thank you very much.

A pet peeve of most cashiers, is the bores who want to check out, but won't interrupt the cell call to finish the business at hand.

Anonymous said...

ugghghgh. I have a strict policy about chatting while someone is peeing. Do not potty while we are on the phone. It grosses me out. I also hate it when you are in a public bathroom and the person peeing - sometimes your drunk friend- is trying to talk to you. I cannot do it. Please pee, flush, wash and then we can chat.


Anonymous said...

I have used the phone while on the crapper. I am more careful though, you would never hear any splashing. And I wait till the other person is talking to flush. I put the phone out of the magic room, then reach as far as I can with the other arm to activate the handle. The phone is as far away as possible. Then I step away fast.

I thought laptops and wireless routers were invented so people could blog on the throne.

Anonymous said...

If I'm on the crapper I sneeze while I flush and then I shout GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!!!
it throws the person on the other end off kilter enough for me to run out of the room....

I just made part of that up.

For something downright hilarmious go to you tube and search: Dean "The Stream" Blevins.
this is a regional sports talk show.
I laughed till I peed on myself when I listened to that.

Anonymous said...

if you go to the footy, cricket, a concert, whatever, in the mens urinal's you'll see heaps of guys with their head to one side with their mobile phone stuck on their shoulder.

(from personal experience, you cannot risk having one hand on the phone cos after queueing up for so long at such events, there is often a fire-hose effect that requires two hands to control).

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. And Aunt Jo, MY mother has a phone in her bathroom too! Too weird for me.

Anonymous said...

I have talked on the phone while using the bathroom, but only with two people; my best girlfriend and my husband. I always announce the fact so the toilet flushing won't come as a surprise, though. Does that make it better? I do it so often while talking to my husband that it's a running joke now that something about talking to him makes me just have to pee. He says he has that effect on women. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my.

I've got to be really, really good friends with someone before I'll take 'em to the bathroom with me. Seriously. The list has like...maybe three people on it.

Anonymous said...

i am writing this comment from the toilet. sorry.

i won't do it again. probably. it's hard to say.

but i will NOT FLUSH while i comment. i have standards.

and i do NOT SMOKE so no way am i doin' that in there.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!! Ick, ick, ick.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my favorite was the guy a couple of stalls down who was talking about Jesus on the phone with someone while he was doing his business, and then he says, 'well, I gotta finish my poop' or something like that and hangs up. That was weird.

Anonymous said...

No potty and talky-talky at the same time! Just not done. Ew.

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