27 January 2006

They Grade You For This?!

I routinely clean out my purse when I have successfully strained my back from it's massive weight or when there is no way on earth I can possibly stuff something else in it. Last night was a clean-your-purse night and in the process, my 9 year old daughter comes into my bedroom and plops down on the bed.

"What are you doing?"

I'm plowing through the black hole I call a handbag, "I'm cleaning out my purse." I state plainly as I separate the contents.  

Receipts, tissue, hot wheel car, garbage, barbie shoe, lipsticks, checkbook, lego, hundred-year old sucker from the bank....

Jaina is at the ready, "Do you want me to help?"

She then proceeded to open my wallet and peruse the contents. She laughed at my picture as she took out my driver's license.  


"How do you get a driver's license?"

"I have to take a test at the DMV and when I pass the test, they take my picture and give me a license to keep with me."

"Momma! WHY does it say S....E......X. on your driver's license?" She looked a little embarrassed staring at the word like it was in flashing lights.

I smiled knowingly because Jaina and I have had a modified version of 'the talk'. She is still quite content not knowing all the details. She sees hubby and I kiss and snuggle on the couch at times. Nothing we wouldn't do in public. The whole issue is, in her understanding, normal but not a huge deal to her at the tender age of 9.

I happen to agree.

"What do you think that means?" I'm a little curious.

Jaina thinks for a couple of seconds. Her eyes get huge and she asks disgustedly,

"You got an 'F' in sex?!!!!"

I don't think she quite understands what kind of testing they actually give you at the DMV but certainly not that kind of test.

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