02 December 2006


Max is 8 today! 

Mr. Coffee bounced on his toes as the doctor delivered our first son and second child. The boy was my easiest, drug-free with only 2 hours of labor and then, 20 minutes of work.  The delivery was so fast, no one got to the hospital in time to greet his cute face, only me and Mr. Coffee. He was came into this world a tad bit overdue, a little over 9lbs with blond hair to boot.

He was a super baby, sleeping through the night by 4 months. We also nicknamed him Baby Hoover, for his eating abilities. That boy could eat like no other. In fact, he can still eat more than a football team.

I think the most amazing thing about Max was the fact that he didn't talk but a few words until he was 3½, then it all came out in full sentences. He's a thinker, loves Star Wars and entomology (bugs!).

Contemplating always, figuring, and theorizing. He was reading by the time he was 4 and tested the highest score ever in school district history for reading comp and speed as a first grader. Even now, my little etymologist is in 2nd grade and trying to explain to me the concept of centrifugal force.

He comes off with these ideas that surprise me or just plain crack me up, "I rest my case" and my favorite "Why can't I make a Star Wars land speeder?" My answer is the usual, "You just can't. Now, go help Jaina with her long division."

I've been blessed by his 8 little years. Here is to many, many more...

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"One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe