24 February 2007

Gnome More Yard Decor

You know you are getting older when these start to look like a cute idea for your yard.

Well, aren't they kinda cute? or psycho?

At least I'm not looking at those granny fanny wooden lawn cutouts. My only worry is that one of these little bearded dudes might disappear from my lawn for a few weeks. They have been known to travel.

The gnomes remind me of the Freaky Deaky Burger King Dude. BK Dude has a huge head, looking glazed over, grinning in tights and that's supposed to make me hungry?

Burger King Dude is right up there with Quaker Oats Dude. In the commercial he's being wheeled around while humming some weird tune. He stands completely motionless, poised with a smile, holding a pipping hot bowl of oatmeal. Kids dance around him on a gigantic soccer field as his flowy white hair stays cemented in the breeze. Are we trying to tell our kids to take crack?

Naturally, this makes me think of breakfast.

It would be safe to say, the gnomes are just like those two, except...not sitting in bed looking like an Out Magazine cover, while eating BK sandwiches.

Who makes takes these photos anyway?

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