11 February 2007

ms. happy where I am

I need to expound on the married/single subject since my last post had, in content and length, turned into the Declaration of Independence. Get it independence?


(Alrightee then)

My point in the last post was more BE CONTENT WHERE YOU ARE AT! Even those that share my same faith can understand that even the Apostle Paul wrote that if you can, be as I am! If you cannot, then marry. (I Cor 7:8-9, The New Emma Translation). It's pretty cut and dry.

My frustration in this article was solely that the author wrote to singles, passing herself off as an expert on relationships..including plugging her own book. Um, yeah. That's unbiased.

I know so many amazing singles who have no inclination at this time in their life to get into a relationship, let alone have children. This does not make them selfish or self-seeking. YWAM, Doctor's Without Borders, Red Cross Relief, even those who are still building homes for Katrina victims are organizations filled with singles with no other responsibilities to contend with, allowing them to give to others freely.

There are also people who enjoy being single, having a white couch in a high rise condo and time to kill on Valentine's Day. Is that wrong? Absolutely not. When I was single, I drew my value and happiness from my faith and was content where I was. Did I have more time? Did I have more money? Sure, but when someone did come along, he was just gravy, baby. Icing on the cake.

Oprah once had Lance Armstrong's ex-wife on her show speaking of how she "lost herself" to her husband, changing into what she should be for him, emulating the 'perfect wife'. He didn't make her do this, SO why did she? My answer is the woman made someone else the source of her happiness. A woman's life can't be her husband (or her kids, but that is another post entirely). My point is that if you make your dearest love the source of your happiness, you shouldn't ever be in a relationship. People are human and sooner or later your Knight in Shining Armor will need you to scoop poop and clean up after his valiant steed.

So to have a fulfilling life, one of productivity and joy, my answer is simply be happy where you are. You will never go wrong.

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