05 July 2007

The Best Post EVER

Our Blogger meet went well, as I said in my last post, Mr. Coffee and I along with Doozie and The Boy got to meet Jenn from My Life Is A Cartoon and her husband.

Jenn and her hubby made it over to The Rainiest City Ever here in the NW last weekend. They were fortunate to enjoy phenomenal 70-ish degree weather.

We met downtown and ate like kings at a restaurant touted nationally as One Of The Best Top Ten Seafood Restaurants Ever. The place was very fun, good food, good atmosphere, and reveled in the dinner banter. We talked about bloggers, the town I live in, and of course, The Boy declaring his dislike for the open display of "bodies and stuff" and "p e n i s e s" at the OMSI exhibit. I think Doozie wanted to crawl under the table from embarrassment. Pretty funny stuff....

After dinner, we walked a few blocks and enjoyed The Best Symphony Ever, thanks to a friend of mine who plays first chair violin there. She was being featured that night and we were ecstatic that she hooked us up with tickets. The music was outstanding although The Boy Who Was The Most Bored Ever was ready to leave after about 10 minutes. He was a trooper, though. We decided to pop over to The Best Bookstore Ever and drown ourselves in Odwalla juice, tea, and coffee.

~Bee had the Best Time Ever.

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe