02 July 2007

Blogger Peeps In My Phat Ride

This weekend was a whirlwind, starting with Doozie coming into town with Walter.

It was so good to see her and amazingly the visit was abnormally uneventful. No car chases, no bail money, no oaths of silence or even tabletop dancing and jello shots. I've also grown very fond of Walter The Boy, as he and my oldest are about the same age. Even with gender differences, I think he and my daughter relate on the same level so it's easy for me to be myself around him.

I'm sure The Boy thinks me a bit odd, but hey, welcome to the club.

So, I had dinner with Dooz and The Boy on Friday night at the local Shari's. We all ordered our food and I have to say, The Boy ate like a bird.

One of these days he going to start eating things like an entire buffet or boxes of pancake mix, or small farm animals.

For our evening entertainment, The Boy also brought up repeatedly how Dooz would hurl things at the dog when the dog would start yapping. I'm 110% sure The Boy was saying this entirely for comic effect because at first it was small things hurled at the dog, a hairbrush, a cellphone, then on to a microwave.

By the end of the meal, he was sharing stories of hurling small appliances, the refrigerator, the washing machine and then finally, that Dooz would just hurl the dog when she got mad. Hurl and abuse a laptop, perhaps, but hurling the dog was new to me. That takes some wicked skilz.

I am also more than impressed seeing Doozies sweet rims and low profile tires in person. I want them too, but on my van? That's like putting a security system on a Yugo.

Viper is armed!!!!! Please step away from the vehicle!!!!

For those of you with any kind of imaginations, I'd go for the fuzzy dice, neon running boards, a lift kit, roached tires with some sweet spinners, tinted windows, and perhaps hydraulics and some bull horns on the front.... on my 1996 silver Ford Crapstar with the sporty red racing stripe down the sides. Saaaaahhhhweet.

I love making people laugh. That would do it.

Something like this would also do, but darn it if the kids fall flat on their face when they get out. I hate that.

I'll be busy today. When Doozie and The Boy were in town, The Boy told me my van stunk and asked me seriously, "Is that air freshener just for decoration?" Yeah, I'll be cleaning my van.

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