20 October 2006

and I do my little turn on the catwalk

This morning, I checked my spanking, hot - off - the - press, October Kaboodle newsletter and it's official. My blogger friends have pulled through and signed up!!! Now all my sentences end with exclamation points!!! (Help me!! I can't stop!!!) Now thanks to everyone who Kaboodled, I am soon to be the proud owner of a 2G iPod Nano. wooohooo!!

I was so excited when I got my email newsletter, I did the 'I won an iPod Nano' dance which involves a great deal of flailing arms around, doing the white man's overbite and shaking it like it's 1999. I'm also the self-proclaimed unofficial spokesperson for Kaboodle, in which I will announce that they are now doing another monthly contest. Check it out and win an item on your Kaboodle page displayed on your blog - up to $100 in value. (see my wishlist? You can also add it to your blogger profile) .


Is it wrong to ram someone in the carpool lane waiting for the kids to get out of school? Just wondering. I did however politely request that a environmentally careless grandmother possessing no sense of example or etiquette to retrieve her smoldering cigarette butt she openly deposited on the brand new, clean concrete walkway just feet from the entrance to the brand new school full of gradeschool-aged, impressionable children. Nice role model there, Grandma! Now pick up your butt!!


I had a wonderful time with my mom, aside from my own premonition that I would not survive the visit without retreating into drugs, alcohol or tabloid magazines and reruns of Entertainment Tonight. I discovered a great deal about my mom, from her misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder, to her mismanaged health care, to her new drug study that she is in for her correctly diagnosed illness and her little Chinese doctor that is doing a stellar job of getting her on the road to well-being and quality of life. I have not seen her as functional, rational, peaceful, healthy and happy as I did this week. I did not know how much it weighed on me until now, knowing that she was doing so well.

At times, I have a hard time with the fact that of the four of us girls, their are only two of us siblings that have kids and further, we are the only ones that are hands on when it comes to my mom's care. It must be taxing to have a schedule of a single person without children. To be burdened without school functions, PTA, church, doctor appointments, MOPS, carpooling, school, sick kids, and the proverbial 6 loads of laundry a day. Is that catty of me? Yes, I take my milk in a saucer, thank you!


Our pumpkins have given up the ghost, no pun intended, due to the warm weather as of late. I thought that the fuzzy mold aggressively growing out of pumpkin mouths and eyes would be a bit too much for the constitutions of tiny pirates and giant bumblebees knocking at my door in about a week. We don't celebrate Halloween. Yes, I am one of those moms. But to my credit, I even make the kids say *500 Hail Mary's after passing the Halloween isle at Target and wash their eyes with anti-bacterial soap when they see a Halloween commercial.

Can't be too careful, you know.

*No disrespect intended to Mary who is no longer with us or to those people who do hail Mary on a regular basis. Then again, ignore this because I think this disclaimer is making it worse.

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