25 October 2006

time to make the donuts honey

I was watching The Today show this morning and they were talking about Krispy Kreme VS Dunkin Donuts. One woman interviewed on the show had announced that Krispy Kreme was addictive, inspiring me to photoshop the real truth above. Oh, yes, I did.

In the city I live in, we happen to have a Krispy Kreme. It's right off the highway and the smell is divine. Sometimes the HOT sign is lit up, enticing passers-by to throw caution out the drive-thru donut window and taste some soft, gooey goodness. Stopping in is even more fun watching the donuts float down Grease River into Drippy Dry Flats, out into Sugar Shower and finally resting in boxes.

I, however, am more of a Dunkin Donuts kinda gal. Even when I was little, I would venture out past the light post without permission, walk to the end of the apartment complex, turn the corner and drop in on the ponytailed girls running the Dunkin Donuts counter while wearing their cute pink and brown uniforms.

The fresh baked aroma would hit me as I pressed my hands against the glass door in eager anticipation. The little door bells chimed and a face would peek from the back of the store, seemingly swallowed up in mountains of coma-inducing, heart-stopping sugary delectables.

"Hi Emma! Hey, we have some extra donuts for you!"

"You want some pink sprinkles?"

"How about some milk?"

Why they fed me, I don't know, but those girls were the best friends I ever had to that point in my young life. Except for maybe the boy who chased me on the playground until I decided to go steady with him, if it was okay with my mom.

I think now, of my 6 year old self, walking to the strip mall next to my apartment complex, on a busy, busy street in Santa Ana, California and I am amazed I wasn't hurt. It was the mid-1970s but even then I was willing to risk the wrath of my parents for the euphoric taste of cake donuts. And so my love was born. Cake donuts without icing coupled with some black house coffee and perhaps a pink sprinkle or two. MMm MMm good.

So the question of the day: Who makes the best donuts?

Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts?

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