28 October 2006

linky love Bloggerversary

I'm celebrating a little early, my two year bloggerversary as of November 1!!!

OVER TWO YEARS I've met some fantastic people.
Translation: Stalking is harder than it looks.

OVER TWO YEARS I've made some great friendships.
Translation: Look at my cool blog shrine, I have candles now!

OVER TWO YEARS I've made a handful of funny, honest, got your back, close to my heart, life-long relationships.
Translation: I owe people money and they have my real name.

I dedicate this post to you!


I'm sharing Life & Times, opening My Gobhole to give you a little more than My 100+ Things, just Out of The Blue. Think of it as a Front Porch Conversation with a good friend. I want to give you a A Glimpse Into My World to tell you about my Family Circus while I am Living In Grace.

I'm a LadyWriter and you can catch my daily Random Synaptic Misfire in print, Writing From The Inside Out. It's a wonderful mix of Victorian Rhapsody & Dirty Dishes but not all Paradise Valley as you might suspect.

I'll give you a ViewFromTheCloud, showing you the real side of me, a BossyBritches or an Impatient ChickenDeputy's Wife but it can be surprising as Spilt Milk. but that is what makes it fun. I may not have a life of say, a

For Better or For Worse I always say, That's Life Too!

I hope it's not 2 Much 411 as my daily grind can appear like My Life Is A Cartoon with crazy stories; already having blogged The First Hundred or more Stolen Moments.

It's a Mad World at times being a Redneck Mommy. You would wonder if my boys think It's About Being Able to Fly the way they run around Dreaming and Believing they were Batman fresh from Jeremiah's School Of Levitation trying to catch their made-up arch nemesis, The Cachinnator. They are also always looking for "Just Some English Guy" to help fill the role as the smart and savvy sidekick. Then when it's time for chores, they are moving like a Turtle. I do wade in The Shallow End of sanity at times. Just call me Crazy Mama D....or do I mean E?

Shut up! no way, you say?

Even cleaning my Beautiful Mess can be as inspiring as taking a Random Walk through a courtyard or taking Fresh-Cut Flowers to a Green Cathedral. Perhaps in time to hear Sarah's Sermons and listen to me Singing a Verse of My Song (It's Okay, I'm With The Band).

I am Finding Joy as a Daring Young Mom hearing all the Hubba Doos ("I love yous") and knowing someday I'll be a Rock Rebel Granny. It's easy to look for a Greener Pasture but for now, I'll settle for hearing things from my kids like "What On Earth Is That Smell".

I'm just one Gobulous Hottie, married to Mr. Coffee, raising almost Six Kids, armed with humor, a good book, an occasionally clean house, and killer casserole.

Sweetly and Saurly Yours,


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"One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe