15 October 2006

a little this and that

I had a great time with Badoozer over here in Emma Land. I love it when she visits, because we are such goofs. By the way, she has really good hair. I have my days but she has YEARS of good hair, so good in fact that I had to get some information out of her on exactly how beautiful hair is obtained. I, on the other hand, typically look like I did my hair with an egg beater. I don't brush and tell, now, but I'm set thanks to this contraption she made me buy (yes, made me buy, before we were kicked out of Fred Meyers)

As of today, we both have Pantene TV commercial worthy hair. Isn't that great? Every time I go past a mirror I have to repress the urge to spin in slow-mo. See? It's that nice. Anyway, it was fabulously good to see her again...and no, we didn't need bail money this time around.


I finally received my IKEA catalog in the mail for 2007. I need only $3,157.32 to buy what I want out of it. I'm not even holding my breath for the new Crate and Barrel catalog. Man, I love them.

How easy is it really to cook a homemade meal? I'll tell you. I saw a TV commercial recently that spoke about this no fuss, effortless, crock pot meal.

"SO easy, just add water and simmer for a home-cooked taste".

Tell me it is not hard to:

Throw a chuck roast in the crock and turn it on high.

Add one can of condensed cream of mushroom soup

Add one packet of onion soup mix

Add a bag of baby carrots

Add a bag of baby potatoes with some salt and pepper?

Now, the hard part: Let it cook all day until the roast is falling apart.

Like that would take so much more work? Marie Calendar is banking that it is.


My mother is coming to visit this week, so I might be scarce for a couple days. At least I have good coffee now, to pull me through. I broke down and bought some. I know...I know, now cheating on Folgers, which coincidentally, despite public disapproval, is actually not that bad as a drip. As a cup of French press. oh, Lordy, it stinks. You know what they say though? "Why drink decaf? There are better ways to get bad breath." Not that I drink decaf or have any idea what that completely made-up and impromptu saying has anything to do with my mother.

But I have good coffee now.....all is well. (**think Trader Joe's Fair Trade organic, economically, & environmentally friendly coffee)

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