29 May 2007

Bee-Oxford English Dictionary

A character trait that embodies the fact that worth is more than what people see. And wearing pants where your crack doesn't hang out.

An emotion evoked from the realization that you cannot go through life functioning by yourself as well as resting in the fact that your husband won't eat all the chocolate cake without asking you first.

Honoring others as you would treat your own self. And chasing away blog trolls for them.

A person you can call in the middle of the night to request they come immediately
bringing digging tools, old shoes, and the use of their old freezer..all without asking you why.

The moment of realization that your inner will is bigger than your wants. And not eating that last brownie when you are dieting.

Taking on the responsibility of something you will most likely forget a year from now. Or in a year, another two years from now.

Taking time for something or someone when you don't want to have the time. And turning the toilet paper roll around even though you've explained 5.4 trillion times the TP goes over the top.of.the.roll.

Engaging in the fight for harmony. And when the kids are finally tucked into their beds.

Elation produced from inside out and not from outward circumstance. And when the kids are finally tucked...you get it.

Accomplishing what you require, need and want by simply doing it. And not being a lazy arse.

Treating all people as if they were your dear sweet grandmother. Or your relative leaving your house after a week long stay.

Associates Degree
A piece of paper, ten thousand in debt, and two more years of school to be taken seriously.

Bachelor's Degree
A piece of paper, fifty thousand in debt, and the ability and opportunity to clean houses like Aunt Jemima is going out of style.

Master's Degree
A piece of paper, one hundred ten thousand in debt, and the ability one day perhaps, to hire a cleaning lady.

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~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe