25 July 2007

PEBCAK and other computer thingie problems

I pulled up my New Post and have no idea where my brain will take you today. It should be interesting since the chlorine, sun and perhaps too many deep dives have altered my brain beyond common sense. Or maybe it's the lack of sleep as some bloggers can see my 3 am comments, in which I see a few days later and wonder who the heck hijacked my profile.

Two nights ago I stayed up late, my CD/ROM drive took a dive for good and I fell asleep, dreaming of the most perfect template. What a difference a good nights sleep makes with the end result. Happy Birthday to Dapoppins (last weekend) who is the proud owner of my latest template. Dapoppins also has a good discussion going on about hypocrites and what is a hypocrite. Good brain food for thought.

Dear Anon of 4:37pm from this week:

First, I certainly hope you don't kiss anyone with that mouth. I welcome anon comments but please, get a thesaurus. You really should consider finding and utilizing more than one adjective.

Second, I'll decline your repeated requests of copulation. I have had four kids in six years, do you think for a minute I am lacking in that area? I assure you, I am not.

Third, you insinuate that I'm a "lousie designer"? Thanks. Perhaps I am a lousy designer and I'll be the first to admit my templates are badly parsed. They work, so what else should I be doing? But do me a favor, first go teach yourself HTML, design your own blog template, and then find a way to get paid for your time to do this for others. Then head on over to your proctologist with all the money you make and have him remove your head jammed in your neither regions. (By the way, how does your shampoo taste?) You'll find it much more comfortable when you sit in front of your computer.

What I do is simply called entrepreneurial ventures of a mother of four and income of one making Christmas and birthday money (and perhaps a pedicure thrown in during the summer). I do these for how someone requests them, not necessarily what I would do for myself. I am always proud of my work, regardless.

And for inquiring minds with more than one adjective in their vocabulary, if you want a blog template that is free, you can see my Kaboodle list here.

In other news, our local IKEA opened up today. I'm in heaven. I was also at another blogger's post today and she was talking about an Edward Norton movie that was amazingly good, The Painted Veil. I just can't see Edward Norton out of Fight Club. If you saw it you would understand why IKEA and Edward Norton would put Fight Club on the brain. I loved that movie, although it is rated R for a reason. I think the movie makes for great conversation. Who has seen this movie and what did you think?

I'm off and running...sun, chlorine and ugly swimsuits are calling.



~Jennifer said...

Lousie, huh? Why does everyone else get the interesting commenters that make for such good blog fodder? lol.

I love your designs. :-)

Stalker Cyberstalker said...

Anon sounds sort of mean. I'm not liking that.

Dapoppins said...

I saw fight club but didn't finish it because it was for grown-ups and i don't think I passed that test.

I love my new template and my bestest friend.

Granny said...

That mean person better be careful. He doesn't want me and nvisiblewmn gathering the swarm.

Ba Doozie said...

oh cool, you have a new friend that is making extra cash from swindling people online!!!!

yeah for your templates, they are crafted by a genius!

The Lazy Iguana said...

That Mr. Coffee must be a fun guy. Or is it fungi? Whatever. Anyone who would wear that and allow a photo to be taken has to be zany.

My blog makes me look like I know HTML. But I really do not. I just took a rather dull three column template and modified it. Not really hard. Still, I spent a fair amount of time over a few days getting it all set up.

I think you should make your background one of those optical illusions.

I love it when people who can not spell try to tell me I am an idiot. I may be an idiot, but I am an idiot that knows Firefox has a built in spell checker.

R said...

at least tell me my template isn't offensive to the eyes and I am happy.

I love Dapoppins new site, love the red in the background. Great work. I was instantly jealous.

I never watched Fight Club, and I don't want my view of E. Norton all skewed.

Isn't there something about soap in that movie? Now that's interesting...

Jeremiah said...

You design these? Din know that. Very nice I say. Or, so anon can understand "Verie neyes!"

Millie said...

Anonymous should shut his/her fat yap. I guess that's probably an obvious statement.

So how was IKEA? I don't do crowds so I'll probably wait a couple of weeks to hobble through it.

I admire anyone who can manipulate html to the point you do. Good for you. :)

Clare said...

Ooh I love Ikea :).

And you have sun?? We have a big whole sun picture on our weather forecast for Saturday. We've all forgotten what the thing looks like it's been so long. Please send us some over here.

Brillig said...

Poor Anon has messed with the wrong lady. hahaha

I saw fight club during my "rebellious" days. hahaha. I quite liked it, actually. I do, however, have this nauseating ability to figure out the "twist" of a story early on in the game. My brother, who I saw it with and who had seen it before, was so annoyed that I had the whole thing figured out so early on. Still, I enjoyed it. And hi. Brad Pitt. Nuff said.

Liz said...

Boy, this wuz a relly lousie post.

Ba Doozie said...


that's how my mind is right now, after frying my brains in the hot weather all week

Mama Bear said...


I happen to LOVE your templates. :o)

The Domesticator said...

Hmmm...I obviously have missed being around here...an anonymous troll dropped some trash around here? Ick.

Stalker Cyberstalker said...

OT: When you visited Doozie, did she ever make you sit on her lap?

Jenn said...

No, I think I would have hurt her. She is tiny and I'm over 5 ft 10.

Friends don't sit on laps, friends gotta get bail money. (isn't that what Tommy Boy said??)

Jenn said...

no worries. summers make everyone busy (and I haven't been by either, so we are even)

thank you..

bless you.

thenk eue

Its a thinker movie to me, and yes, brad is semi-hot. I go for tall dark and Clive Owenish. like Mr. Coffee..HAHA..

One sunshine, coming up.

I didn't get in. pook!!!

thenk ewe

I like your template. A good reflection of you. Green is very soothing. hehe, yes..and no.

the lazy,
you do your template proud. You do music, and that is very admirable. I'm just getting into that. It's only taken down my server twice. Backgrounds like that might cause a seizure.

I took the spammer off. Thanks for the heads up.

no doubt. He/she better be careful. It was an AOLer, not much else to know.

thank you and it's a good show, not for kiddies though.

he/she is. but I flicked it off and wrapped it in tissue, so I am fine now.

OH, and I've had humdingers this week.

wolfbaby said...

wow i can't believe someone would be that rude... i like your blog look.. and man it takes alot to learn HTML.. koodos to you!!

tell them to take ther enasty nose elsewhere instead of sharing meanness

sorry for typos' it's late

Sassy! said...

Oh my, I know now not to mess with you! ;)

Fight Club was a tough movie for me - I honestly didn't get it until the 2nd or 3rd time I saw it. Not bad, eh?

I have to say...I think your template is darling! and will admit that I've been working on mine for far too long to not have something up that is not super fantastic. ugh.

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