02 August 2007

Im a Foodie Moviestar

You knew I couldn't stay away, but I don't feel better. Colds stink. Actually, they blog...I mean blow.

Get it, blow? Like your nose? hahahaha...~cough, sputter~ er, hummm.

I've been doing more on my other blogs:

Simply Gourmet

My design blog, which you can't get to because that is where all my creative juices are flowing. Creative juices. Have you ever thought about that? I still don't know what creative juices are. Brain drippings? I don't know about you, but I don't even want to know where that saying came from. Mkay?

It's coming Jublue, I promised, I promised!!

I was given an amazing lemon bar recipe from an English Grandmother (not mine, but she is English so she should know a thing or two about tea pastry) and I'll be putting my world famous pancake recipe on my cooking blog.

Speaking of cooking, Mostly Martha, one of my favorite foreign movies is being redone. No Reservations is the US remake with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Erin Eckhard. It looks very good...I hope. I love foreign and foodie movies, so this is a double whammy for me.

I'm anticipating Becoming Jane. This chick flick is about the speculated life of the brilliant Jane Austen portrayed by the raven haired beauty, Anne Hathaway. Mr. Coffee says I look like her. And Julia Styles..and Nigella Lawson. I don't quite get that but apparently, Mr. Coffee thinks I'm really hot [pumps fist in air triumphantly], because I'd take the likeness of any one of those women on any day of the week.

Regardless, I'm taking my AnneJuliaNigella-esqe presence and planting it squarely in the front of the theater. I'll be there on opening day for when they open the doors, so I can look triumphantly over the long line while folding my smelly tent complete with discarded half-full Starbucks cups, after having staked my claim for three days with nothing but my body stench to recommend me.

PS. Really, if you think I'm waiting outside, out of my loverly warm bed, for any movie or book, you are out of your blogging mind. I couldn't forego direct access to a toilet and a coffeemaker.

**this blog was edited after the cold medicines were eliminated and long away from the building**

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