23 August 2007

Ninja Skills Are Highly Underrated

I am inspired to write tonight, not because I am hopped up on our local Mall Food Court Chinese Food and a Mac N Dons ice cream cone.

I'm going on a little trip this weekend. woohoo.

I wanted to be completely ready, and I am not. I was pretty bummed I had to forgo getting my hair done before I left town. It's in need of a good trim but when you get your hair done at the mall, "Just a trim" is hairdresser speak for "I'm donating to Locks Of Love!"

I am going on a trip this weekend to visit my blogger BFF Doozie. It's timely because she has now closed up her blog until further notice. This is very upsetting to me.

Doozie and I have gotten to know each other well over the last two years. She is a very good friend and if you ever get the chance to meet her, consider yourself lucky. She is a warm, thoughtful, caring, insightful, silly, smart, and sarcastic as heck. She's a great mom, and the best friend you could have.

With this said, I hope to provide her with the moral support and a little distraction from the vacuously repugnant maggot trolls that plague her. (I know, I never express myself well) They are combing her blog for anything to use against her personal life, her job, even messing with her family. Vindictive ex's and lying former co-workers are the majority of it.

These people need to get a library card or start collecting belly button lint...or get a life....or anything and mind their own business. That's when you shut down your blog or go invite only, so that is what has happened.

Beatrice the Secret Agent is sorely tempted to do some research of her own. You mess with Beatrice's friends, you mess with Beatrice. Oh, and Beatrice will now be known as "The Meat Grinder". She can dig up the goods on pretty much anyone.

On a lighter note, I would just prefer to hire Guido to take out some kneecaps. Scissor kicking heads would also be in order. Maybe a lawsuit. Ah, nothing says Christmas spirit like a torte claim.

So for now, I mourn one of the few bright spots in my day: reading Doozie's blog. I will miss the silly, the hilarious, and reveling in her sarcastic observations in the everyday mundane. But the thing I will miss the most is the absence of a great friend in blogland.

Here's to you Doozie. Hurry back soon.

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