06 February 2006

I Pay My Mortgage With My Good Looks

I am so fed up with people wanting something for nothing. (insert loud screeching and hair pulling).

I say this because Mr. Coffee is going to be late tonight for dinner and seeing his darling kids due to someone wanting just that. Something for nothing. A job done for the cheapest possible price they can get out of my husband.

You have to understand, too. I am a God-fearing person. I have a personal, wonderful relationship with God. My husband can say the same plus a theology degree to boot. I'm not perfect and don't expect others to be. The Bible tells me to love one another. I have a hard time with that but I try...and that is another post altogether.

Why then, do I get so angry?

Mr. Coffee works his tail off for people who are friends, fellow church members, or those who call themselves Christians and yet, they are the only individuals that have trouble paying or want something for nothing. This is the very reason we don't do business with the Christian yellow pages.

I'm not blaming God for this. It isn't His fault. He isn't asking for a price break or going back on His word or better yet, back charging for something He later felt was justified because He is cheap. The worst is 'I just don't like it so I'm not going to pay you". This why I get steamed. Because 9 times out of 10 it's another Christian that we have this problem with. People who know better and don't care or want to profit from the deal at our expense.

"Can you give me a discount, you know, for a fellow Christian?"

Give me a big, fat juicy break.

Mr. Coffee gives everyone a fair price for a fair days work that he pours his heart, soul and pride into. That is how to run a business with good principals, Christian customers or not.

Mr. Coffee is always calm and replies, "Why don't you bless this brother and pay him double. I have 6 mouths to feed in my family."

Then comes the nervous laugh from a surprised customer. You see, this game can work both ways.

So next time you call someone in the church and have them work for you doing anything...anything at all, PLEASE don't ask for a break. Bless them! This is their life, their work and their livelihood.

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