15 February 2006

random day

I have a couple of things happening today and a scattering of thoughts. I also interchange letters for symbols to avoid weird word searches on my blog. Today's spillage:

I took this picture from the rooftop of a building in the Pearl District in Portland, OR. It is of the downtown area facing south. I love downtown.

My blog:
Do I keep this pace or continue with less blogging? You don't care but my kids care as they wade through the clean clothes that go from bed to floor on a daily basis. So, blogging will be two to three times a week.

I realize that for some to leave comments is to throw on a toe tag and hurl yourself into a grave. No, it won't kill you and I do know who you are because my stat counter tells me all sorts of goodies about you, even you, BLOCKED REFERRER. Don't think I am a freako stalker either..EVERYbody has a stat counter on their blog.

Writing Goals:
I also found while I think I am indeed a close cousin to Erma Bombeck (thank you suzer!) not everyone can be funny all the time. What a load to carry but I try. I love my writing but not everyone enjoys my demented sense of humor. I can always see myself improve...A LOT. I am my own worst critic but someday would want to write a column. A fabulously humorous hubby, four children and a weird childhood give me volumes of subject matter and I think I will write more stories. I have many good ones to tell.

Speaking of stories:
Homeschooling was a good part of my upbringing. I was homeschooled when it was not cool and relatively obscure. Graduated in 1990. Mixed on the issue, I would not like to be the poster child for homeschooling . I do not homeschool my own children due to the excellent schools in town and my participation in my children's education. However, I hold homeschooling parents in great esteem and am open to sharing what it is like as a High School Homeschooler and beyond into college.

My Take on God Blogs:
I find that there are a lot of God blogs out there that speak very well of the day to day things that come along, and what scripture speaks to them.

I am always blessed.

albeit, I couldn't do that because I feel inadequate but I am at an odd place in my life. A bumper sticker noted on someones blog really summed up how I am feeling towards people in general (by the way, if it was you, let me know and I'll do the linky link):

"Jesus loves you but everyone else thinks your an idiot"

I laughed for about 5 minutes over this.

I have had my share of church hopping and hearing of people that are into religion but have no idea what a relationship with God is. They don't read the Bible either. I am harder on myself than anyone when it comes to my walk with God. Almost to my detriment. I know that God is teaching me as of late, to love others even when they are 'idiots'. I am flailing and failing badly in this. Deep down, I know I am sensitive to what I see in others because I see falicies in myself. This always happens. Depending on the subject, I see it the most in others when God is speaking the same to me. You get it.

Now I have the maturity (and I say that quite loosely) to accept it and continue working to change myself. In other words, taking out my 'plywood contacts' before I remove the speck from my 'brother's eye'.

Another Lesson in Progress:
Hubby and I were at Powell's Books a couple of months ago and were over by the Bibles. Wayne wanted a small one in his truck and I was looking for another toddler Bible for my son. I walk past a big glass case with these massive leather volumes under lock and key. I shake my head at the figures of the bobbing Jesus heads.

How disrespectful is that!!

Then it dawns on me what the locked glass case is for. It's for the witchcr@ft and evil spells type books. Now I am really sickened. Jesus Bobbleheads perched on the S@tanic bible displays. They give me the creeps.

It dawns on me how many times I have insulted God? Taken Him for granted or commonplace. How many times do I walk past my Bible to read a book or watch a movie better suited for the garbage. How many times have I ignored Him when all God wants is to talk to me or show me the way to a better life, a marriage, a motherhood with all the joys I can handle.

I pray I will never be a Jesus Bobblehead.

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"One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words."

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe